Brand of women joining the shop is one of many projects the most popular one, but also a broader awareness, a time created a hot item, become everyone loves choice, and now many entrepreneurs get together to talk about things that most women's franchise business Way, how to set specific business solutions and marketing skills is that we have been looking for answers, let's go with you to see more detailed knowledge of it!

First, pedestrian traffic. In general, high customer traffic levels will increase sales of children's clothing stores. However, excessive customer traffic is also too crowded to prevent buyers to go, so the proper flow of pedestrians is the best. It is also important to analyze pedestrian traffic in order to determine whether pedestrians' characteristics are in line with the target market for the store in which the site is intended, and long walks can leave customers delighted.

Second, public transport facilities and road conditions. Traffic refers to the width of the road, traffic congestion and traffic control, etc., which not only with the passenger flow, but also with the speed of the store has a direct relationship, it is also one of the important principles of quantitative control of children's clothing shop location.

Third, the structure of the store and shop visibility. Should pay attention to the size of the shop area and its building structure, the shape is not suitable for sale, there is not suitable for the deployment of the exhibition. Also pay attention to whether there are urban planning restrictions, such as utilities, sewers, heating and other conditions.

Fourth, the location of the store. The location of clothing stores are generally distributed in three locations is better, one refers to the distance from the city center; second refers to the distance from residential areas or transportation routes; third refers to the specific location is located in a particular location, such as turning

Fifth, store prices. Store prices on the sale price and payback period will have a direct impact, but also affect the cost of investment, so it is also need to pay attention. Long-term business brand women's franchise stores, you need to have a unique way of doing business, then this requires everyone to accumulate rich experience, and break through their own starting from here, the investment brand women's franchise stores want is harvest, want to be successful harvest wealth, but you Have you mastered one of the business skills it? Business women's clothing store franchise experience to practice courage is the slightest truth!

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