Dongguan Hengwei Children's Garments Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Hengwei Garment Factory in Humen, Dongguan City. Founded in 2006, the founder of "Humen Town in China - Humen Town", a well-known garment town, after years of hard work, Only ten people whose family members have their own hands become small-sized spinning enterprises, transforming themselves into today's "children's wear brand design, production, research and development, sales integration, branding, systematic operation of the operating companies and in 2011 set up its own" Bear Cuban Ding "brand children's clothing Put the Chinese mainland. Since the "Bear Po Douding" brand surface ring customers since the majority of consumers, its "fashion trendy style, personalized series, healthy and environmentally friendly, high quality and comfortable fabric products, stylish cutting-edge, cool full style In addition, the company has successfully launched sales outlets in central China, East China, Northwest, Northeast China, Guangdong and other regions in Mainland China. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has combined many years of market experience with children's wear to create the Chinese and European fashion brands. Year, the company set up brand marketing center, launched the franchise launch key franchisee mode of operation, with In March 2011, in Humen Town, Dongguan City, successfully opened its first store brand, and success with a new brand image display "treasure Douding Bear" brand. In each quarter, "Xiongbao Douding" brand introduces more than 300 styles of products. The stylish, individuality, dynamic, sunshine and vitality of the European and Korean style show the full personality of the brand. In tailoring, the company pays attention to product style Texture, meticulous meticulous, the product uses a variety of accessories, spell color and pattern processing, child health as the starting point, all selected high-quality fabrics. Accurate activity of environmentally friendly dye printing dyeing process, good color, fine craftsmanship, to create a comprehensive high-quality children's first brand to create comfortable products fly over 2011 - over 2012 ---- in the next year, the company concluded the distribution of domestic Experience, will launch the "brand as the terminal, the terminal for the brand" management model, focusing on the development of domestic franchising agents to join the promotion and operation, is now inviting all local dealers to discuss cooperation and efforts to fight wealth opportunities and work together to create wealth peak !

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