I have been engaged in the wig wholesale industry for more than five years. The competition in the wig market in 2012 was extremely fierce, especially the wholesale of high-priced wigs did come to an unbelievable state. Therefore, the convulsions went to the market and observed them for a long time. There are three important reasons for such signs:

First, due to the increase in competition, wig wholesalers began to fight price wars

The second identity is worrying that this problem is widespread in the Chinese market. The businessman is like this, our pan-Bo farmers are also like this. It is said that some people spend a lot of money on oranges, and the price is very high. When they are picked up, many people will follow up and plant orange trees in large quantities. Oversupply, oranges flat, from the original principle of a few yuan to a few pounds a pound, so that many Zhuangjianing can let the oranges rotten in the trees are not willing to pick, because of the plan to pick oranges and transportation costs Not only do not earn, but also lose money. The scene that was picked up was that the farmer cut down the orange trees and replanted the rest of the crops, so that the sweat was inexhaustible.

Such cases are all in the current Chinese market, and the loss is still the defender himself.

Second, the number of cooperative opponents entering the wig wholesale industry has increased, and customers have more choices.

From this identity, I personally think it is still very meaningful. China's wig market has expanded a lot compared to the previous year, and the growth of its peers is conducive to the further expansion of market capacity. As long as a number of wigs are doing in a market, the cake will probably get bigger and bigger, and the people who consume it will gradually become the public for the strange thing of the wig.

Third, shoddy, greatly reduce the cost of wigs

What's more, the product is shoddy and deceiving consumers. The wig industry in China is still immature, so the customer's understanding of wigs is still very thin, especially for the identification of wig hair materials. weak. Under such conditions, bad merchants have the condition of “selling by the times”, and this kind of folk style is already full in the wig market.

These unscrupulous merchants will use the domestic low-temperature wire and HKB materials to counterfeit the imported Japanese silk to blind customers. The long-term retail price built by Japan's Kass is more than 40 yuan. Nowadays, there are a lot of wigs of more than 20 yuan and 30 yuan. It is also said that this day, Benkas built, we must know that the price of imported Japanese kasi is sufficient. It is several times more than the domestic silk. In the past, if the merchants used Japanese Kass to build, the price of such a low price must be a loss-making business, and they would look like an official. Do you feel that the business would be so stupid?

It is really saddening that the consumers who are not aware of the original form are also deceived by the people who are attached to them. Such actions are not only dangerous to consumers, but also cause tensions and turmoil in the wig market, and there are people who have money and good deeds, and this kind of "spoken-filled" peers suggest a tense contempt.

At present, many of the old customers of Youzimei wig network will ask the customers who are slow in price to ask, "The price of people is so low. How do you still be at the price of the original principle?" It is said that “the price is composed of the price of goods, and the price, work, and craft of the product are all costs. We all know that when we do business, we only earn a fair price.”

Youzimei wigs take the lead from the head to the middle and high section, so the character, crafts, and work of the same products will only get better and better, and on the product line, we will only open up to the goal of high standards. Low real wigs have a market, and the volume also runs very large, but it is not our company's future growth policy. We are only willing to cooperate with our customers with the cost and policy, because we trust the brand and reputation.

Therefore, everyone must polish their eyes when doing wig wholesale , and look at the goods and prices before they are shot. More importantly, of course, the integrity of the business, I believe that a successful business will not only do a hammer sale!

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