Last night, the people at the same table were planning special events for the National Day. The handsome pot around me squinted at me: I ~ I ~ I have two tickets, so easy to get, I will take you to see the founding of the country!
Ah! This daring national celebration is a fashion blockbuster that is sought after by men and women. Only Han Sanping can do it! PFPF~
The founding of the great cause of the country is called a fire - the film has not yet been on, it is hard to find a ticket! It is said that at that time, the script just came out in the entertainment circle and set off a round of war: it does not mean that the star is rushing to play, and does not say that the stars are obliged to play, and do not say that the first line of red stars runs, only one 187 stars A long list of sounding can be imagined as unprecedented in the lineup.
According to the description of the filmmaker Han Sanping: "Founding the Country" is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China, the most important tribute work of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. The story spans from 1945 to the founding of New China in 1949, vividly recreating the deep friendship between the Chinese Communists and the Chinese democratic parties in the long revolutionary years.
In the eyes of the movie lovers who love to watch the lively movie: the whole film is 135 minutes long and there are 187 big star guest stars. On average, every 43 seconds, there is a big star. Absolutely called "an unprecedented movie that cannot be copied."
The plot is still unknown, and the stills are a lot of searches. It’s better to take a look at the historical figures of the big-name stars through the stills.
Chiang Kai-shek (original photo, Zhang Guoli edition) and Mao Zedong (original photo, Tang Guoqiang edition)

Tang Guoqiang is said to be the best choice for Mao Zedong after the ancient month. No matter from the facial contour and height, it is similar to Chairman Mao. As long as it is equipped with wigs and facial makeup. However, Zhang Guoli plays Chiang Kai-shek, which is very surprising. Zhang Guoli claimed that he only ate porridge every day for the performance of Chiang Kai-shek, and finally lost 5.5 kilograms. It seems that the results are still good. After passing the nose and wearing braces, the Chiang Kai-shek he played is really a bit like.

Let me talk about the three sisters of Song Dynasty (Song Yuling, Song Meiling, Song Qingling), and the three of them will play a very important role in the play.

Xu Fan plays Song Yanling, the eldest sister of the Song family. Through the careful packaging of the stylist, the representative of the new woman in the modern history of China, the lady of the generation, Kong Xiangxi, was released.

Since the filming of the Hong Kong film "Song Dynasty Dynasty" in 1997, Yan Junmei continues to play Song Meiling. Regardless of whether it is a character or a temperament, there are already 7 gods, just a stylist understatement, already quite a mother-in-law's temperament ~ 邬君梅's wig shape is perfect, praise one!

Song Qingling is played by Xu Qing. From the various characters played by Xu Qing in the past, this performance of Song Qingling is undoubtedly a big challenge. However, it is not difficult to see through the comparison of photos. The Qing Qing version of Song Qingling has a very high degree of reduction - the same hair is not messy, and the hair is combed neatly... It seems to be the stylist's credit. What surprise will Xu Qing give to everyone? Only wait and see.
There are also N big stars to participate in, but only a few seconds -

Have you seen it? From the left in the back row are Shen Aojun, who plays the female representative, Liang Jiahui, the representative of the People's Liberation Army, Chen Du, Zhang Ziyi, and Miao Wei. Zhang Ziyi is so eye-catching wherever he is, especially to appreciate the new female style of Ziyi MM in the 40s - the hair is skillful, and it looks dignified and delicate.

What is the big-name running dragon? If you don’t pay for it, you will find a face, and you may still be able to show your face. It’s just a face that will soon die, such as Feng Yuxiang played by Chen Kaige... A newspaper reporter played by Jackie Chan only revealed poorness when interviewing Li Jishen. a bit. Pay attention to it - Jackie Chan's mid-head style, who chose this wig for Jackie Chan? ? It’s a bit ridiculous...

Having said that, I really want to express - a strong actor, no matter how good acting, no makeup is really not good. In the makeup style, all kinds of wigs are the key to success.
What does this wig have to do with us? I am not acting, I am not bald. Tell you: the relationship is big - in fact, not only the actors make up, wear wigs to change the shape, mature women in foreign countries are very concerned about hair style, people call it "head fashion." From the Hollywood veteran Red Star Greta Garbo, the sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe, to the 7-80s rock star Madonna, and the 90s Mariah Carey, in order to change the style to catch up with fashion, they are all wearing fashion wigs. When it comes to fashion wigs, you must not know - the world's first fashion wig brand: Rebecca Rebecca. Although Rebecca is the world's largest manufacturer of fashion wigs, do you know? He is actually made in China! As the saying goes: The wall is fragrant outside the wall, and Rebecca, which started from a small workshop in the 1980s, is now red and purple – even the US First Lady who recently appeared on the screen. Fashion celebrity Paris Hilton is a fan of Rebecca.

Ok: I have said so much, now you know who is behind the scenes to shape the special actors?
Looking forward to the early release of the founding of the great cause of the country, let us have a glimpse of what it is like to see the big dragons of the 187 star big names running in the end? Haha

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