Women are a combination of charming and elegant, women not only need to show charming and elegant, have to wear fashion to go. The designers of " Keena " brand women 's wear , when designing clothes, combine the most fluent elements nowadays and integrate these elements well into the clothes, just to give the women the ability to show feminine elegance and grace Side of the dress.


Classic Houndstooth dress, is the fashion industry, one of the timeless items. Sophisticated three-dimensional cutting process, sketched smooth divisions of the princess, showing a slender physique, showing intellectual connotation, just to make women fit more fit, natural and comfortable. Waist waist design, played a thin, self-cultivation effect, outline the enviable figure contour, the waist fold design to make the skirt more rich three-dimensional more lively wave. Black and white Houndstooth dress atmosphere and fashion, so that women show their side of the Queen Fan.


Lightweight gauze fabric stitching the same color fine lace gauze, light and soft fabric material, fully demonstrated the gentle nature of women, this dress uses a variety of fabrics splicing does not seem overly complicated, the lower part of the lace Flowers full of artistic design sense, this is a romantic and stylish atmosphere. Do not pick the standard version of the body design, you can also cover the waist shortcomings, more easily piercing the elegant and charming posture.

White Tealight Candle In Plastic Bag

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White Tealight Candle In Plastic Bag

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