With the increase in the price of jewellery, jade and precious metals and the related demand, the fraudulent and fraudulent activities of the local markets have been greatly upgraded, and consumers must be extra vigilant. Today, let's talk about all kinds of tricks of jewelry fraud.


Color cultured pearls are higher in price but lower in collection value

From the auction of pearl auctions this year, the price of colored pearls has a strong trend. However, the colorful original pearls in nature are extremely rare. There is also a new type of colored cultured pearls on the market. It is dazzling, but the collection value is low.

Conventional treatment methods for colored pearls include: dyeing treatment, irradiation treatment, and bleaching optimization, which are applied after pearl formation. However, the above new varieties are cultivated with colored beads nucleus before the formation of the pearl. Consumers need special attention when purchasing.

Consumption reminder: For this kind of color cultured pearl, it can be observed under the microscope and detected by spectroscopy. Under the magnified observation, the pearl with the dyed nucleus will show a distinct parallel band of the nucleus. The enamel and crack on the surface of the pearl have no color concentration. Under the reflected light, the color is obviously visible at the hole. The core and the colorless nacre on its surface.

Jadeite "color on the color" thousand yuan products turned into a million level

The same is the jade jewelry, the price is very different, from tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars, or even thousands of yuan, how to judge? It is reported that the value of jade is mainly measured in terms of color, texture, transparency, purity and so on. First of all, we must pay attention to "species", that is, the texture and structure of jadeite, the finer the texture, the more crystal clear the jade; the "color" refers to the color, the color is uniform, the color is positive, the thick, the green is the top grade; the "water head", that is Transparency, lustrous crystal clear, transparent and clear for the top; secondly, we must consider the engraving, subject matter and other factors, the more artistic value is higher.

The quality of the jade market is not common, some defective products can be used to pretend to be superior jade, and the low-grade dyed jade is easy to identify. It is difficult to find the jadeite with "color added". The so-called "coloring on the color" is to artificially add a certain color on the colored jade, in order to increase the value of jade, mainly used in the old jade with some colors, usually added to other colorless parts. Some colors; and "for the old jade, the color difference is one point, the price difference is 10,000. As a result, a thousand yuan of jade may be sold as a product of tens of thousands of dollars."

Consumer Reminder: Mr. Gao informed that the “color-added” jadeite can be easily distinguished by the naked eye because it can find a very clear natural color root. Insiders must carefully observe each colored part to distinguish. The color to be added generally contains organic salt. The color of this part of jade is very floating. The jade meat is separated from the color, the color is mesh-like, and the original color root is destroyed, thereby greatly reducing the camouflage.

CVD synthetic diamonds come from overseas in Guangzhou.

Merchants sell diamonds at a low price? Be careful, this may be synthetic diamonds! There is a CVD synthetic diamond in the domestic market that goes beyond the previous diamond imitation synthetic silicon carbide. The quality is very similar to that of natural diamonds, which is invisible to the naked eye.

Consumer Reminder: According to reports, the newly discovered CVD synthetic diamonds mainly have these characteristics: on the one hand, the diamonds are heavy, mostly about 0.5 carats; on the other hand, the diamonds are nearly colorless, and the color levels are mostly in I to J colors. The clarity level is mostly VS. Guo Qinghong reminded that jewellery merchants should pay attention to avoid the purchase of diamond wholesalers who are unclear when purchasing diamonds. Consumers must also carefully check whether they have the test certificate presented by the authority when purchasing diamond jewelry.

Hetian jade "skin plus skin" looks like the best price doubles

In the past two decades, due to over-exploitation, Hetian jade's feedstock has almost disappeared, and the price of seed materials has also soared. The Hetian jade seed material on the market is difficult to distinguish. At present, the skin color of most of the seed jade on the market, including the already carved pendants, is artificially dyed. Generally, the dermis penetrates into the jade 1~1.5 mm, which looks like a jade luster. It has vitality and aura. The fake leather has a layer of paint on the surface, no depth, stiffness, and lack of aura.

False skin false color is full of the market, there are many types of fake leather, the simplest such as polishing fake skin, defective seed and skin, etc., the most difficult to distinguish is the real seed plus fake skin, such as "skin plus skin "and "physical fake skin" and so on. "Skin plus skin", generally made on the finest seed material, in the case of its own skin but the skin color is not gorgeous, add color on the natural skin, so as to achieve a bright color, looks like the best, the price doubles the effect. It can also be called "strengthening skin". This kind of fake skin is well-defined and extremely difficult to distinguish. Sometimes the hands of the family will be confused and undecided.

The "physical fake skin" is more difficult to distinguish, and the highest cost, generally only used on high-grade seed. By using the natural minerals that produce the seed skin and shortening the skin formation time, the various skin colors required for the material are formed in a short time, and the discrimination is extremely difficult. The expert can't be discerned without the instrument.

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