Warmly congratulate Foshan, Guangdong Pu Leyi children's clothing and distributor in Hunan Province (Zhuzhou Silver Valley 5th Floor) successfully signed. This represents another step forward in the market expansion of Belle Eva in Central China, where more children will be able to wear Belle Eva's children's wear. Pui Leva brand originated in Hong Kong, the brand targeted at 3 - 10-year-old children, their products warm, simple, crisp, stylish, design and more use of fresh and elegant milk color-based, dark Embellishment Emphasis on diversified with the appeal, wonderful interpretation of the beautiful children's clothing world. The successful signing of the contract with the Hunan Province, not only reflects the consumers, franchisees on the Beileiwa brand support and recognition, but also for the development of the brand painted a heavy sum, Beileiwa will, as always, to Quality products, affordable prices for children's fashion children's clothing.

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