When the spring of 2012 Milan Spring Fashion Week Men's gorgeous gentleman's popular style as the beginning of the curtain, they laid the tone of this summer's men's fashion. Elegant gentleman type - a result of their own temperament and perfect combination of men's clothing, men's masculine beauty with gentleman the perfect combination of temperament, this is Milan Spring Summer Fashion Week brought to the world's popular elements. So our country will keep up with the fashion trend? Since May 1 this year, summer wear into the sales hot season, according to a random interview with reporters found that more successful men will choose high-end foreign brands, exquisite tailoring, elegant design as the group The reason why elites favor these international brands is very important. However, in addition, some high-end menswear brands that have popped up in the recent two years have also gradually entered the people's perspective and are gradually accepted by some mainstream people. Can not help but ask: Why is the domestic brand so attractive? Why it can be so quickly won the favor of the elite? To this reporter specifically interviewed some of the rapidly growing domestic high-end men's brand, VISOME is one of them A representative one, their rapid growth and success is not accidental but has its own reasons. VISOME imaginative innovative design, luxury craftsmanship next to the big one-third of the reasonable price, VISOME is committed to creating and leading the "semi-luxury" concept. VISOME only select the world's most imaginative and creative design work, with the attitude toward the art of presenting you the concept of "semi-luxury." The first season Slim Fit series by Hideyuki (Takagi) designer The firm brings together Asia's most dynamic first-class cutting-edge design power to complete the show, officially debuted in the Chinese market in spring 2012. VISOME break the traditional collar shirt high collar and double collar design concept, subvert your imagination shirt, to give the work full Artistic sense of the collar three-dimensional shape. Rigorous and resolute temperament or casual relaxed and comfortable through the neckline opening and closing freely. Flexibility to use the color design, whether black and white classic red or white with the popular quarter of the season, Sapphire , Floral design use, have given the rich changes in the work, collar / cuff lined with dark design, but also for the process of keeping clean and tidy bring great practicality VISOME designers of the popular elements of the season Bold use of the work has become the crowning touch. Nude color fabric, Apple Green Newman, pink purple border, jacquard ribbon, multi-functional cuff design (traditional buttons and cufflinks All reserved for the use of location), all kinds of originality of the details of embellishment, an instant let you refuse mediocre, leading the fashion trend in more than 100,000 elite men's body sample data based on the new birth of the Slim Fit series size, self-cultivation to maintain the three-dimensional cut At the same time, more emphasis on the shoulders and waist curve sculpture, showing men full, simple, smooth line beauty.Special lengthened hem design, to ensure that the larger range of action, can still be compact and close to effectively avoid the traditional shirt easily exposed waist VISOME adhere to the selection of top long-staple cotton made of cotton fabrics, reject all non-environmentally friendly iron-free technology, showing the works of natural texture and folds, allowing you to experience the most comfortable skin-friendly feelings. VISOME insists on a common manufacturing process with LV, Hugo Boss and D & G, fine needle gauge of 18 needles / inch, extreme arc hem of 3mm, top British COATS wire, German horse lining and 3 times more production time than traditional shirts ... all unrelated costs, only to bring you the most perfect experience. VISOME adhere to the continuous inspiration for creative breakthroughs, drawing cutting-edge design strength, combined with the fashion elements of the season, has introduced a limited sale of works of art, only know how to appreciate the existence of people. In the consumer's enjoyment, VISOME adhere to the design inspiration purely presented the infinite power.Click on http://visome.tmall.com VISOME fashion journey ...

With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, people's material living standards are increasing day by day, and their spiritual needs are also constantly improving. It is a kind of belief, Only white and blue stripe shirt, more white and red stripe shirt, white and black striped shirt and so on. Retro classic sea spirit shirt always can go through all eyes, a lot of celebrities and big names love sea soul shirt design sense, a variety of interpretation of an endless stream. Sea Slim shirt workmanship, the use of white thread sewing clothes, the main component of clothing cotton, fabrics such as silk-like soft, clothing crisp, easy to absorb sweat, anti-wrinkle performance is not easy to crease the ball, not easy to deformation, the sense of more hanging Good, strong yarn increases, not easy to break.

Sea-striped Shirt

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