Ben Wang November 11 hearing, unknowingly Winter is coming!!! No handsome warm monk said that this winter is particularly cold! The cold winds made us feel “something lost”, and I haven’t thought about how to wear it!

The thick and dark outfits are a bit depressing in their wear, and the beautiful and elegant long skirts are obviously not quite the same as this season. Sweaters are basic items that everyone will have in their wardrobes. A soft and comfortable sweater is like the gentle touch of childhood mothers. But how to get rid of its “old-fashioned” bondage impression? The answer is a white sweater. The fresh color of the white sweater lays the foundation for fashion. It can accept the injection of any single product. The soft touch seems to break the heart and let you put everything down. This week, wearing a white sweater is fashionable, not only keeping warm and warm, but also making the entire atmosphere look great!

Pure color white sweater + jeans:

Enjoy leisure time, nothing more casual than a white sweater with denim singles, do not want to sleep in the morning to dress for trouble, then choose a knitted white sweater with a cowboy style, whether it is shoes or high heels, and girlfriends Afternoon tea or traveling with family is a good choice, it is worth mentioning that this year's popular high collar style sweater can bring a dual style of casual and elegant, is the only choice for the trend.


Just arbitrarily put the sweater into the jeans, Olivia Palermo's body will be outstanding eyebrows, to avoid the bloated feel of a loose profile sweater, with jeans and platform shoes fashionable superior.


Going on vacations on weekends, such as karlie kloss so white sweater + jeans is the most beautiful airport dress.


British actress Lily Collins naturally will not ignore this combination, using suede shoulder bags and suede boots to increase the material contrast.

Pure color white sweater + color trousers:

It must be said that people who dare to wear such clothing must be those who have a keen sense of smell in fashion, in other words, those “fashion fines”. They are well aware of the dynamics of the fashion scene, what is the latest fashion and fashion information, and people are already in their hands.


A pure white, clean and neat, simple lines are more casual ~


Copy T stage dress, seven Culottes with patent leather boots become popular, take a white turtleneck sweater to show the unique retro style of the 60s.


Supermodel Constance Jablonski wore a short collar sweater with slim jeans and her hair fluttered. Full confidence is the most important weapon to control any single product.

Pure color sweater dress + high heels:

There are always some people who are good at breaking the routine. When you are still racking your brain for a white sweater, someone has already put the "long skirt" on the street. Really not to mention, LOOK solid sweater skirt is also really good-looking, with a pair of favorite high-heeled shoes, no temperament.


High-split cross-knit sweater skirt with light-colored jeans and bright red boots ~ bold ~ sexy ~ beautiful.


Multi-layered design masks Gaga's small flaws, more noble and elegant ~

Kate Hudson's slim half-neck sweater dress highlights the graceful figure.

Pure white sweater + skirt :

Also reluctant to take off the skirt of the MM, your gospel is coming ~ ~ do not want to take off well, then meet your waywardness. LOOK that can keep warm and can keep skirts. Do you want to see?


Gigi Hadid's high-waisted color skirt with a short sweater, more waist and long legs!


Kendall Jenner used a lazy turtleneck sweater with a split pencil skirt to show the elegant touch of high fashion and a more straight and straight pair of legs.


The white sweater is paired with an ostrich fur fringed skirt, knee-length boots, and a narrow-brimmed hat, revealing a sophisticated mix of intellectual charm.

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