Consumers' spending power is growing day by day, and their quality of life demands are also on the rise. In the past, the circulation of the "June 1" with a few candies has gone forever. As the structure of household consumption changes, the discourse of children The more important the right is, the more it affects parents in terms of consumption. For the parents, it is really not a simple matter to let the children enjoy the holiday in one day. In order to meet the needs of today's consumers, many children's clothing brand Chamber of Commerce for the "61" well-furnished stores, but also the design of holiday-themed clothing. With the development of the Children's Living Hall in China, some children's wear brands also set up their own brands. The facilities in the Living Hall are like a miniature version of the amusement park, providing children one-stop entertainment, shopping and experience. . Rapid growth of children's consumption This demand continues to expand, making the children's clothing market compared to the adult clothing market, still maintained a good level of development, children's clothing market is called "the last piece of cake in the apparel industry." Every "61", also marks the major children's clothing shop "digging gold" the moment, compared with the network at this time, the image of offline storefront and rich clothing is the most attractive to children, the Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate College Dean, National Federation of Commercial Real Estate Zhu Lingbo Commercial Director said: "The main form of children's shaped clusters output has reached 500 billion, and annual growth rate of 20% to 25%, and promote the rapid development of the industry." And the rapid growth At the same time, the children's wear brands know that the brand management differences, specialization, in order to make more consumers more dependent on them. According to the survey, 90% of households in China's newly-structured families account for 30% of the total consumption, so that one-third of the family's consumption is children's consumption. With the rapid maturity of children's clusters, many children's clothing brand sellers like the "June Day" in the theme stores to carry out the theme of the event, through a vivid and interactive form of home-based consumption. Gradually, the theme of children's activities will be the future development of children's clothing brand. Shopping centers to increase the proportion of children's entertainment Today, the shopping center has become a gathering place for young people shopping, but have to face the current department store-based children's clothing sales battlefield is not suitable for entering the rapid development of the children's clothing industry to further transformation , The most prominent reason is limited by the traditional brand management area of ​​the department store, "these limited area only enough to display and sell products, it is difficult to join additional services, children's clothing brand just needs more consumer experience and interaction, shopping Center is able to give more brand names to children's clothing brand space, location, area; Moreover, the younger the obvious trend of shopping centers, where eating and drinking integration, in line with consumer shopping needs. "Guangzhou Anna love, blue Elephant Korean Children's Clothing & Accessories Co., Ltd. Yuan Ze Rong, CEO, said: "Children's clothing industry, shopping malls will spend a honeymoon period, to promote each other and the development of children's wear industry can bring more mature mall customer base, which shopping The center is good, and the children's wear brand can bring to the shopping center the home purchase According to the consumer report on the Chinese children's market, the growth rate of urban children's clothing consumption in China was about 34.5% from 2012 onwards, and the growth rate of toy consumption was 40%. The demand for children's clothing for children aged 0-16 years Reaching 1.2 billion pieces; baby Industry Research Center survey shows that in 2011 China's toy sales over 100 billion yuan. This shows the great potential of the Chinese children's market. Wu Yingmei, Director of BDG and General Manager of Nanjing Hongyue City, affirmed: "The trend of children's products, children's retail and children's experience is on the rise at present. Therefore, we should rationally consider the proportion of children's brand when designing the product mix of shopping malls. , Which is also the shopping mall considerations and the inevitable trend. "Sales store life In 1999, Mexico established the world's first children's career experience theme park, full year 277 days, involved in the experience of more than 820,000 people. At present, the profit-making structure of China's children's professional experience museum is still relatively simple compared with that of foreign countries. Coupled with the impact of domestic electronics companies on physical stores, the terminal stores can only be integrated through rich experience processes. There is no doubt that the retail industry is now generally recognized that retailers are not selling goods, but to leisure, entertainment, life experiential consumer demand as the main selling point, the concept of children's living museum has thus emerged, it can At the same time to meet family consumer shopping experience, as well as bring the brand store sales.

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