Well, the Lena brand is tailor-made for the 20-30 year-old woman in a comfortable fit and fashion brand, with an extension of 18-32 years. Well, Lena wants to throw away the deliberate decorations for the busy women on the modern streets, make the dress and scenery blend so that every woman becomes the crowning touch of the city and nature, the scenery is beautiful for you, Na eternal theme, uh, Lena offers costumes for background to people appearing in different backgrounds. Well, Lena's dress is a story. It's not just fashion. It's about an oath about rebirth. It's a fantasy from the bottom of my heart. It's a plea for heaven and earth. It's not exactly personality. Perfect blend; this is not a rigid fashion, this is a tacit understanding with fashion.

嗯.莉娜女装 让城市风景因你而美丽

Well, Lina pursued comfort first, which is the sea breeze from Sicily. There is no luxury in transition. There is only exquisiteness and no fiery passion. It is the show of talent and subtle youth in the calm and quiet water. No gloomy low-key, this is the declaration of ancient Sicily ancient architecture to tell you "my princess, good morning" tenderness. Uh-Lena shows your natural style with textured fabrics and thoughtful cuts.

嗯.莉娜女装 让城市风景因你而美丽

Simple with a little pure modification, not much, just a little bit, this is ah. Lena's style, no cumbersome performance, it is just the right playful and totally natural.
Well, Lena, who put the texture and culture of Sicily in Italy into the costumes, and Lena tells us that we are the most beautiful natural material and are a blend of humanity and nature.

嗯.莉娜女装 让城市风景因你而美丽

Yeah, Lena, let the apparel and fashion go back to you and me. As someone said: You can find in Sicily beautiful source of Italy, in ah. Lena, you can find your source of beauty.

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Normal winding and soft winding ready to dye.







Weaving and circular knitting.

Twisted Yarn

Polyester Twisted Yarn

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