Tourmaline jewelry has gradually become a new product in the fashion world, and it has gradually been absorbed as an object that everyone is vying for. Before you buy, everyone has a question. What is the taboo wearing a tourmaline?

The similarities between tourmaline and crystal are spiritual. Although its hardness is very high, it should be avoided as much as possible. In general normal washing, try to remove the tourmaline jewelry, do not contaminate soap bubbles or alkaline or acidic substances. There is a certain damage to the tourmaline, so that the magnetic field is disordered and the energy becomes impure. It is no problem to rinse with water.

The energy of tourmaline has been proven to help improve sleep in foreign health care testing institutions. You can wear tourmaline jewelry while you sleep. Many people will have dreams or nightmares during sleep. Wake up in the middle of the night will often be very long. I can't sleep for a while, because the tourmaline has always been considered a sacred object, wearing a tourmaline to sleep can strengthen psychological dependence, can make people's hearts more brave, so sleeping in a tourmaline is a better choice.

As for the tourmaline, one thing to note is that the tourmaline itself has a strong ability to clean the magnetic field (or we can say that it is the most authentic), so if a person is sensitive, it will be difficult to adapt at first. The magnetic field of the tourmaline. Therefore, there are two situations in which tabby wear taboos, magnetic field insensitive groups and magnetic field sensitive groups.

People with insensitive magnetic fields: There are two kinds of people in this group. One is extremely confident. I believe that I can do everything. Basically, this group does not need or want to wear crystals, and it is not recommended to wear tourmalines. Because of the self-confidence and reduce the fear of the tourmaline itself, it is likely that the self-confidence of this group will begin to expand, regardless of other people's thoughts and thinking, so this group needs to pay attention to wearing tourmaline.

Another group is that the magnetic field around them is rather chaotic. This group needs a certain amount of time to re-clean its magnetic field, so that it can accept the positive influence of the outside world. Undoubtedly, tourmaline is the best help of this group. This group can use the function of the tourmaline's clean magnetic field to let them feel more power and re-recognize themselves.

Magnetically sensitive people: This is a group of people who can easily feel the external force, but the effect is that if your magnetic field is sensitive, then you must be a sensitive person (this is complementary), so such people tend to It is easy to be affected by the outside world. Since the tourmaline itself is a powerful scavenger of the magnetic field, there will be various discomforts when you start wearing the tourmaline, because the tourmaline will break our magnetic field circle and clean up the negative things. For sensitive people, this process will certainly not be very comfortable, so many people wearing a tourmaline will have dizziness, vomiting, and in short, it is uncomfortable.

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