Di Fenna underwear (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. under the Hong Kong Di Fenna Group, is a professional design, production, marketing underwear, home service, thermal underwear and other products of large apparel company. Defina underwear brand. With excellent design team, Devena Group has obtained a number of national patents, and strong product development and production capabilities enable Defina underwear to be recognized by the market.

Defena underwear more distinctive lingerie lifestyle model home, the concept of leisure shopping into the operation of the market, the traditional mode of underwear industry stores and shopping malls counters unique. Defena Lingerie joined has become a hot investment in moxibustion, Defena Lingerie invites you to share the wealth of the secret!


Defina underwear to join

Top Ten Advantages of joining Defina underwear:

1, the advantages of international brands, Hong Kong Di Fenner Group to do a strong backing.

2, the leading fashion design advantages, the company's group gathered a large number of outstanding underwear designers, the design of their underwear popular at home and abroad.

3, rich underwear brand operating experience (production, marketing management team from major successful underwear brand).

4, new products quickly (monthly can provide more than three new products).

5, replacement rate, high quality, the price, excellent cost performance.

6, to provide a uniform advertising materials and some of the display props.

7, the company continued to provide a unified national major lingerie media advertising support.

8, free to provide brand image decoration design renderings, and to give a certain percentage of renovation costs support.

9, the company's senior management training experts regularly provide free training guide, all-round guidance terminal management, and provide a comprehensive standardized training materials.

10, the company implemented a strict market area security system to maintain the interests of agents, franchisees and promote the stable development of the brand.

Product Type:
 Microfiber Custom Travel Promotion sports Beach Towel
100 % polyester or 80% polyester 20% polyamide
Color :
coffee,white,blue,red,grey,yellow,orange,green,brown,pink,,black, purple etc
Logo :
1.Imprinted logo 2. Embroidered 3.Jacquard/embossed logo
Eco-Friendly, Water Soluble, Other
Ideal for travel, gym,sport,beach, bath and more
Size :
Advantages:(1) Easy to wash without detergent

(2) Super Soft, Super absorbent, quickdry

(3) Clean and protect delicate surfaces 

(4) lightweight and compact

(5) Ideal for travel, gym, running, hiking, pool, and more

(6) Remove visible and invisible dirt without any scratch

(7) No bad odors

Suede Towel

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