On the 23rd, the Tianjin Gold Ornaments Association and the City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association of Gold, Silver and Jewellery Industry jointly organized the Local Standards Press Conference on “Standards for the Operation and Service of Precious Metals and Jewelry and Jade Ornaments”. The Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Government and the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce ** Zhang Yuanlong attended And speak.

In recent years, Tianjin has become one of the fast growing regions in the country's gold and silver jewellery industry. It regulates business operations, promotes healthy and stable development of the industry, and allows consumers to clearly and clearly consume in the regulated market. It is in urgent need of a strong local guideline. The city's gold jewelry associations, the city's industrial and commercial association of gold and silver jewellery trade association research and drafting, "precious metals and jewelry jade jewelry business service standards" issued by the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision will be formally implemented on September 1. This standard is the first local standard for the national jewelry industry.

Zhang Yuanlong said in his speech that standardization is an effective means of regulating service behavior and improving service quality. The formulation of this local standard will play a positive role in promoting the healthy development of the industry. Standards are responsibility and commitment to consumers. We hope that the city's gold and silver jewellery industry will take the implementation of standards as an opportunity to further enhance the sense of integrity, continuously strengthen industry self-discipline, comprehensively improve service levels, deepen brand development strategies, and make due contributions to the economic development of Tianjin.


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