As we all know, printing elements in this summer is very hot, however, is also very popular slits skirt. Whether it is cheongsam or dress skirt, slightly split, no word skirt shackles, but also exceptionally elegant and charming. Vaguely exposed white legs, in such a passionate July, sexy eye-catching.


Sleeveless black skirt looks very high, wear soft and comfortable, absorbent breathable. Black is not only thin but also a kind of mysterious feeling. Unique version of the waist design, suitable for all types of girls. High slits version, gently breeze blowing, a lifted sexy, very feminine.

今年流行开衩裙吗 开衩裙什么款式的好看

Eye-catching high-profile big red sleeveless skirt waist thin version, outline the charming posture. Slender belt decorated with the whole, especially attractive. Irregular skirts, inclined style, unique and beautiful. With a pair of high heels, to participate in various banquets will be the focus. And this warm summer echoed each other, fiery.

Photo courtesy: Mi Lage Women

Embroidery is a general term for various decorative patterns embroidered on fabrics by needle and thread. Embroidery is divided into silk embroidery and feather embroidery. It is a kind of decorative fabric that uses a needle to puncture silk thread or other fibers and yarns with certain patterns and colors on the embroidered materials, and then forms the decorative pattern with the embroidery trace. It is the art of adding human design and production to any fabric that exists with needles and threads. Embroidery is one of the traditional Chinese folk crafts, which has a history of at least two or three thousand years in China. Chinese embroidery mainly includes Suzhou embroidery, Hunan embroidery, Shu embroidery and Guangdong embroidery. Embroidery techniques include: wrong needle embroidery, random needle embroidery, net embroidery, all over embroidery, lock silk, nasi, Najin, Pingjin, Yingjin, Panjin, fluting, scraping, poking, sprinkling, cross stitch, etc. the main uses of embroidery include life and art decoration, such as clothing, bedding, tablecloth, stage, art decoration.

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