In recent years, China's textile and apparel exports have been subjected to policy or technical trade barriers by different countries and economies. The safety of export apparel products has always been one of the common concerns in Europe and the United States and other countries. It has been frequently recalled by the European Commission's Early Warning System (RAPEX) and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The sweater industry is a segmented industry with a large proportion of export clothing, and the situation is equally grim.

The main problems that currently exist are:

1. The content of chemicals on raw materials and accessories of wool knit products exceeded the recall recalled by the European Union. All recalls occurred due to excessive amounts of chemical substances such as azo dyes. Remains of harmful chemical substances may originate from the dyestuffs of fabrics. Buttons and other accessories, companies should pay attention to the changes in the EU REACH regulations and the process of the promotion of high-profile materials, and do a good job in the printing and dyeing inspection, to avoid being recalled because of excessive chemical substances.

2. Excessive chemical content of children's clothing accessories. Cases of recall due to excessive use of restricted chemicals in children's clothing are on the rise. Children's clothing such as laces and sewing threads contain banned azo dyes and zippers, buttons and other metal parts. If the content of heavy metals exceeds the standard, children have high absorption rate of heavy metals and have poor detoxification and detoxification functions, so they are highly vulnerable to heavy metals such as lead. The new regulations in Europe and the United States and other foreign markets place the inspection focus on paints used in buttons, metal accessories, zippers and printing. The standards for exporting children's clothing accessories are becoming increasingly stringent. The US CPSIA regulations on total lead content in children's products coatings apply to children's clothing. The supervision of accessories such as buttons in products has been further increased.

3. The risk of dragging and stabbing, risk of swallowing and suffocation caused by ropes and small parts on children's clothing products of wool knitwear The safety performance of children's clothing ropes and small parts has become an issue of increasing quality and safety in Europe and the United States. Due to the unreasonable design of garments such as ropes and small parts and unqualified safety items, the phenomenon of being recalled from time to time has occurred, including the risk of choking and choking and swallowing. Countries have strengthened the formulation of relevant standards, and the ASTM F1816 and EU EN14682 standards of the United States have stringent requirements for children's wear on ropes and small parts.

China's sweater industry needs to break through and surpass the past. First of all, export companies should promptly pay attention to the development of laws and regulations, track the development of foreign advanced standards in a timely manner, and strengthen the management and control of the company’s products in strict accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations to ensure that products comply with regulatory requirements and avoid economic losses caused by the recall or notification of apparel products. Loss of reputation. Second, for technical barriers to trade, export sweater companies should promptly adjust the product structure, improve the level of technology, so that the quality of export products continue to increase, and meet the importing countries related technical regulations. Finally, export companies should actively explore and establish a complete and comprehensive product safety management system and implement them effectively. Integrate product safety management system into the entire business process, including product design process, raw material supplier evaluation, customer requirements review, and procurement process. Ensure product safety meets importing country technical regulations and customer requirements. (Text/National Fashion Standards Council)

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