The attention and support of China International Clothing & Accessories Expo (Beijing Service Expo) has provided an independent designer galleries for the 2012 Beijing Expo. “East West Comme Lun” is the only independent designer brand that is invited to exhibit in Shenzhen. It will bring its new products in spring and summer in 2012 to the W4523 pavilion of the Beijing Expo and create a fashion event with more than 1,000 domestic and foreign brands.

Today, as consumer demand becomes more and more personalized, the independent designer brands that are increasingly being “loved” by the market have also received attention and support from Asia’s largest service fair—China International Clothing & Accessories Expo (Beijing Clothing Expo). 2012 Beijing Service Expo has an independent designer galleries. “East West Comme Lun” is the only independent designer brand that is invited to exhibit in Shenzhen. It will bring its new products in spring and summer in 2012 to the W4523 pavilion of the Beijing Expo and create a fashion event with more than 1,000 domestic and foreign brands.

"Modern uninhibited romanticism" is our soul

As an independent designer brand, referring to “East West Comme Lun”, we cannot but mention its design director Qiu Yuhao. He graduated from Fashion Design with Business University of Bighton, and he won the top ten honors of the British Academy RSA competition during the school year. During the internship, he worked as an assistant of Gremsham Blake in the British new tailor shop, learning traditional British tailoring. Today's brand laid a solid foundation for the processing of garment details. Later, as an assistant to London designer Alistair Carr (current director of Pringle of Scotland), she learned tailoring techniques, model use and commercial design, and experienced the process of designer branding. "East West Comme Lun" has accumulated a lot of growth experience.

The experience of studying abroad in the UK made Qiu Haohao profoundly understand the London designer's handling of tradition and modernity. The birth of new things does not necessarily destroy the existence of old things. The idea that new and old things can coexist and innovate has been influential so far. he. Therefore, today's "East West Comme Lun" never fails to re-create traditional elements. This mature creative concept enables Qiu Haohao's creative ideas to be unfettered on the clothes. Keeping up with the fashion trend, with modern innovative craftsmanship and techniques, unrestricted creative sketching, and collisions between new and old things, the lines of clothing are drawn. This is called “modern uninhibited romanticism” and “Eastern” by Qiu Haohao. The core design concept of the West Comme Lun".

"Party Animals" Stunning Harbin International Fashion Week

There is a saying called "No sound has been a blockbuster," "East West Comme Lun" despite the establishment of a short time, but its first show has been in the minds of consumers and the media has left an indelible impression, and won the "2011' Hair is now the Harbing Fashion Award of Harbin Fashion Week.

On the same day, the “East West Comme Lun” took its Spring/Summer 2012 collection with the theme of “party animals” and staged a splendid catwalk in the evening of the ice city of Harbin. The highlights were not only strong and sexy modern modern women. Costumes, as well as the theme of "Look every day of life as a party to enjoy it". Although there was a slight accident in the show due to the problem with the shoes, whether it was the handsomeness of the off-site model kicking off the shoe barrier, or the spirit of “not afraid” on the floor of Qiu Haohao and his team, they were deeply touched by the audience and the media. .

"Our Childhood" expresses new trend of fashion

In this session of the Beijing Service Expo, “East West Comme Lun” will present its new series of autumn/winter 2012 collections. According to reports, the 2012 autumn/winter new product is based on the theme of “our fairy tales”. It is based on a crayon work by a small child in Shenzhen. It combines bright candy colors with the trend elements of the post-80s era, and puts on styles, colors, and even those we love. Toys and badges are restored to clothing, which has achieved the unity of traditional trends and modern fashion. Put on these clothes, you may also have a familiar feeling of familiarity, recalling the memories of childhood in everyone's hearts, people feel more warm.

In addition to the latest series of autumn and winter 2012, another highlight of the “East West Comme Lun” at the 2012 Beijing Expo is a jacket called “Calling Jacket”. This "Calling Jacket" is transformed from the popular "Calling Bag" of "East West Commel Lun." The "Calling Bag" has been launched for the third generation, and the limited-education bags have become out of print. For the "Calling Bag" of the previous generation, Qiu Haohao made a second creation on the bag. The red leather and tough lines make this jacket full of attacking power. The slim waist lines and back shawls form a strong feminine sexy look. People don't always think of the sexy waists of science fiction movies. The girl, and this “Calling Jacket” will also participate in the display of the “YOUNG-BLOOD” exhibition platform of this Beijing Service Expo.

When we turn on fashion information, we will always see stereotyped overseas major shows. When we want to shop, we think of the fast fashion brands forever. We really have to say: Why now? Fashion became so dull? Although the “East West Comme Lun” is not long established, its young energy, fearless spirit and creative ideas always give people a lot of long-lost joy. Let us look forward to the “East West Comme Lun”. Enter more fresh blood for Chinese fashion in the future!

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