Han Dynasty jade pigeon size: 8cm high (picture provided by the merchant)

In the Han Dynasty, jade carvings have changed and developed in the tradition of inheriting the jade articles of the Warring States period. The style of the ornamentation has shifted from abstraction to realism. Some of the jade artifacts have a sense of reality and vitality, and the gods can be skillfully combined. These are not as good as the pre-Qin jade. The jade eagle of the Hanba knives and the jade eagle, jade bear, jade evil spirits and jade galloping horses unearthed near Fuling, the jade pigeons unearthed from the tomb of Xuzhou Donghan, have reached a very high level in the art of painting, and are rare art treasures. Therefore, since ancient times, the ancient jade of the Han Dynasty has attracted the attention of countless collectors because of its excellent materials and exquisite carvings. Now it is the focus of jade collection and has become a special project, and the price has risen steadily. The Han Dynasty jade pigeons introduced today are atmospherically dignified and have a high ornamental and collection value.

This Han Dynasty jade pigeon is warm and pure, with exquisite carving techniques, smooth lines, beautiful patterns and high level of craftsmanship. The flying pigeons with abstract shape are carved symmetrically from left to right. The whole machine is vivid and long-lasting, and it has a rich charm. The feathers of the jade pigeons are summarized into ten curved textures, which are carved on the symmetrical wings, which are simple and elegant. Experts commented that this is a very elegant Han Dynasty jade art. The pigeon shape is the traditional Chinese cultural symbol, the messenger of the spirit of Wanling, and also the symbol of faith. Such an auspicious and full of charm of the Han Dynasty jade, the appreciation potential is very strong, worthy of the memory.

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