When it comes to bargain-hunting, many consumers are easily reminiscent of the real estate and securities industries. In fact, the phenomenon of bargain-hunting is common in every industry and its performance is different. Specific to the jewelry industry, how to carry out bargain-hunting, when to carry out the most cost-effective. With these questions, the reporter came to the VIP Experience Center of Zhizhiyuan Jewelry at Jiahui International Plaza, No. 325 Tianyaoqiao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, to interview his founder, Mr. Wang.

Mr. Wang said that the word bargain-hunting originated in the securities industry, referring to the fact that when the stock price reached its lowest point, and the price quickly rebounded, it was eaten in large quantities, hoarded, and sold off when the price rose. Later, "bottom-hunting" was introduced into other industries, which generally referred to the phenomenon of eating a lot when the price of a certain commodity was the lowest.

Those who know a little about jewelry know that spring and autumn are the peak season of the jewelry industry, and summer and winter are the off-season. This is mainly related to climate change. The climate is mild in spring and autumn, the temperature is not high, and the rain is low. It is suitable for holding engagement wedding ceremony. In summer and winter, the temperature is high, or the temperature is low, and there are many rains and snows, which is not good for holding an engagement wedding ceremony. It is precisely because of such natural factors that the jewelry industry has a regular phenomenon of "light season".

The jewellery industry's bargain-hunting refers to the purchase of jewelry in the off-season of the industry. At the end of the year is the best time for the jewellery industry to bargain, Mr. Wang said that there are two reasons. First of all, at the end of the year, it belongs to the off-season. Many jewellery brands are through various activities, aiming to increase sales and complete the annual sales task. Secondly, jewellery brands will release new jewellery in the spring. Once the old style is left, it is easy to form inventory. In the second year, it is even more unsaleable. For these two reasons, jewellery brands will carry out large-scale promotions at the end of the year, selling through various methods such as price reduction and gifts.

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