When people go to the mall to buy clothes, they will always look at the clothing tag habitually because it provides consumers with detailed information about the clothing ingredients, prices, and so on. However, the reporter recently found that in Chongqing Chaotianmen clothing wholesale market survey found that the market, there are a lot of chaos in the wholesale clothing tag: make trading tags, change their own composition, the price tag. What's more, some businesses have spent money on making fake tags, allowing them to be transformed into "international brand names."

Unexplained clothes on the right to wear it to live in Jiangbei Ms. Qian recently bought a personal T-shirt in a boutique near the Chaotianmen, but after a while wearing it felt a bit itchy skin. Ms. Qian said that she suspects that the material of the clothes may be problematic, so she can find the T-shirt tag for viewing, but he can't find anything about the material of the clothes. What is more strange is that the tag is not the same as the clothing tag in the mall. Apart from the brand name and the simple washing method, nothing is marked. The component specifications and the manufacturer's address are beyond the scope of discussion.

So Ms. Qian took this dress and tag to find the owner of the boutique. However, the boss disapproved of this, saying that many clothing labels are indiscriminate, and said that these clothing labels are readily available in the sky, the content is what you want to write what to write, there is no need to swear words.

"Is the clothing tag still available for sale?" The boss's answer surprised Ms. Qian.

The brand composition wants to ask the subject to ask questions about Ms. Qian and Ms. Qian. The reporter went to Chaotianmen Dasheng Garment Wholesale Market. In a clothing wholesale store close to the entrance, the reporter found a tag of a fashionable lady casually. He found that other than the trademark logo, the other content was very simple, with only a simple washing method, price, and place of production, although the name of the product was also marked. No., fabric composition, etc., but the content behind them is blank.

The reporter then discovered that another wholesaler’s women’s tag was actually mimicking several popular brands: HM, ZARA, Ou Shili, etc. Not only did the tag’s color and design resemble, it even had the same trademark sticker, but these tag papers Obviously thin and soft, trademark line seams are not uniform, the production process is significantly rougher than the real card.

The reporter also found that the contents of the T-shirt tags on the different materials are 100% cotton. “Summer cotton clothes are the most popular, and they are marked with pure cotton.” A clerk revealed that many so-called brand-name clothes in the store are actually fake, and all are bought from brand-name hangtags. Because these clothes are much cheaper than real name brands, they sell better. The clerk told reporters that for the brand and composition of the clothing, they wanted to mark the standard.

Clothing tag can be sold or wholesale Where exactly can you make a tag? Reporters inquired in the market, and finally came to the accessories market in the Chaotianmen area. The area is very remote, and few ordinary citizens come here to visit. According to Long Li, a long-term business owner here, this is a special sale of accessories, which are generally large customers, and many stores have a tag for sale.

The reporter walked into a store that specializes in tagging. He looked at a variety of tags hanging on the wall. Some of the tags were familiar. It was the tag he had seen before visiting the clothing store. The boss introduced that this type of hanging tag can be sold as a stock, with a spot price of 30 yuan and 100 yuan. The boss took down a few samples for the reporter and said at the same time, "This is generally a T-shirt, this is hanging jeans, this hanging shirt ... ... the ingredients are not the same, do not hang wrong, like these are not If you have a composition, you'll hang a brand. Anyway, the prices are taken back and printed."

The boss introduced, if you want to detail, regular point, you can also specifically customized, designed specifically, so that you can print the brand, product name, model, size, security technology level.

When the reporter asked whether the relevant certificate issued by the relevant unit was needed when customizing the tag, the boss said bluntly, “No, if you want to print the brand, you will need to do it. The content and price will be as long as you write it down for me. ""Doesn't it require brand authorization and trademark identification?" "Where needs to be so troublesome." The boss said bluntly: "Without these constraints, you can take the price point high and sell it back at a discount so as not to annoy you." The boss also took out the material to introduce, "Look, this is the printing paper, then we will put the content on the line. Can also be customized, 1000 to do, according to the tag material and the number of sheets, the price is different, Some 500 yuan, some 700 yuan."

According to a survey conducted by an online hot seller of clothing labels, it is found that, in addition to being able to purchase a tag in the wholesale market, clothing tag sales on the Internet are also very popular. The reporter entered the word "tag" in a Chongqing large-scale wholesale market website. The page actually showed a 2011 online quotation form for the tag. The price ranged from one penny to eight cents. The origin was mostly Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Beijing, Jiangsu, but do not involve the brand name, the current page views of 1,300 people. The site owner of a clothing QQ group said that product information will generally be updated in two years. The Chaotianmen wholesale tag has been publicly quoted on the Internet for many years, and generally it is all brands that want to be printed.

In addition, the reporter found that there are more shops selling Taobao on Taobao. The reporter found a total of 527 tag-customized shops on Taobao, and it has already had a “double crown”. Online tag sales are more complete. Except for spot tags, tag ropes, trademark stickers, wash labels, size labels, and so on, you can design a tag, and almost all of them do not require buyers to produce relevant inspection reports. Only the buyer can give the data. Custom made.

According to a store clerk introduced, they also have a special template, such as too much trouble can directly change the brand and product name, other content directly on the default value on the line. Many customers also did not require that they be made in accordance with the formal tag specifications, so that they would be able to save time and effort. According to statistics, there are tens of thousands of sales per month for each customized sample tag of the online store.

Sound Inspection Bureau:

Incomplete tag information can be returned on the issue of tag specification, Deputy Director of Chongqing Fiber Inspection Bureau Huang Sheng introduced, according to GB5296.4-1998 national standards, requirements of textile and clothing tag should have a factory name, product name, specifications, fiber composition and Content, washing methods, implementation of standards, product levels, inspection certificates. In addition, the product number, color, factory number, bar code, price, etc. should also be indicated.

“If there are clothes with no tag or tag information incomplete, consumers can consider it as a 'three-nothing' product and return it.” Huang Sheng said that such incomplete information, illegal tag clothing, is basically not up to To the national clothing safety performance standards. Incomplete information or information fraud on the tag not only infringes the consumer’s right to know but also evades responsibility. Once the quality of the fake tag's garments has become a problem, it is almost impossible for the consumer to seek accountability through the information on the tag. Second, because of its unrealistic composition and standards, fake hangtags are likely to be misleading when consumers wash clothes. In addition, the price on the formal tag is reviewed by the price department, and the phenomenon of false tag price irregularities may also mislead consumers to bear high prices.

"Regular clothing manufacturers generally have special tag suppliers to carry out the **, so these free trade tags should mostly belong to counterfeit products." Huang Sheng said that fake tags not only confuse consumers, but also lead to the entire market is not standardized, Even let some brand-name companies backfire. Therefore, the biggest danger of a fake tag is disrupting the market order.

Huang Sheng stated that in order to regulate the apparel market, it is not only necessary for the Fiber Inspection Bureau and other inspection units to strengthen the review of the clothing tag, but also the relevant law enforcement departments to increase the crackdown on counterfeit tag sales.


Private tag is a commercial fraud For Chaotianmen apparel wholesale market business sales tag chaos more than one thing, the reporter to the 12315 business complaints hotline reflected. According to the staff, no matter enterprises or individuals entrusted with the processing of garment tags, labels, or labels, or processing companies or individuals, they must have relevant business licenses, trademark certifications, and brand licensing agreements. If you do not copy the trademarks of others without these documents, you are suspected of infringing the trademark rights of others. If a private tag raises the price tag on a tag without authorization, it is a commercial fraud; if the tag involves a trademark, it is also an illegal act to trade the tag. The staff member said that law enforcement officers will immediately go to Chaotianmen for on-site investigations.

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