Season has a special meaning for women, in different seasons, women can show different beauty. Clothing in each season, will interpret more the beauty of the season and a woman. SSND women's brand in the women's market has a myth of the legendary women's changing style, a large number of styles, changing colors to become many consumers favorite clothing brand . SSND brand women's spring and summer 2012, bright colors, so that urban white-collar women feel the beauty of spring and summer!


SSND brand women will launch a variety of seasonal new clothes for consumers to choose. Spring is bright, SSND brand women's clothing introduced to the light, bright-based, with the bright sunshine against the dark dull winter from the very good out.

SSND品牌女装 装扮你的春夏

The lengthy summer makes summer shows more opportunities for display. Summer is the most beautiful season, SSND brand women's clothing launched in this beautiful season in a vivid, colorful and casual style, so young white-collar workers feel the strong charm of the moment.

The Lace Ankle Bracelet is one kind of Ankle Bracelet which made by lace mainly. Usually we can see some people like to wear Black Lace Ankle Bracelet, actually there are many other colors for lace ankle Bracelet, like as white and red color. We also like put some charms on lace ankle bracelet for woman, it looks more beautiful.
The lace ankle bracelet is better for longuette when you go on sandy beach. Because lace is cheap and diversity, more and more designers love to use it design many different designs for lace ankle bracelet.

Lace Ankle Bracelet

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