After years of development, in the trials and hardships in the wind and rain, a strong self, continuous reform and innovation, song Mi Lier brand to professional, high-quality products to win more and more beauty and love of women of all ages and respected.

July 23, 2014, song Mi Lier strong brand settled in Lynx Mall, "song mi Lier flagship store" trial operation! From now on to achieve without leaving home, shopping convenience, the mouse tap, the service easy to buy Way, opened the offline store and online flagship store synchronization of the road, marking the song Mi Lier to the national market once again stepped into a major step! Song Mi Lier Lynx flagship store with floating Giant Ding underwear Co., Ltd. Shenzhen powerful Development strength, fast fashion design style, the main products for all series underwear, underwear, corsets, pajamas, swimwear and other products. A one-stop shopping experience for elegant taste customers.

Song Mi Lier Lynx flagship store launch has a very important significance, while maintaining the song Mi Lier brand image at the same time, song Mi Lier Lynx flagship store to provide customers with comprehensive, professional and high quality underwear, so that more Many people stay at home, choose. At the same time to facilitate the majority of customers better feel Songmi Li charm fashion and elegant health, the better the Oriental beauty and Chinese love spread to the world women, narrowing the distance between customers and Song Mi Lier. "Xiong Guan Man Road really iron, and now step by step," Song Mi Lier, this elegant, intellectual, healthy and valuable fashion underwear brand , with its keen fashion sense and profound market awareness, with the heart of the world of women, to create high-quality Grade life, the perfect combination of offline stores and online flagship store, will be steadily on the road to the Chinese brand market, becoming China's favorite women's fast fashion brand !! Welcome Amoy Friends into the store selection, song Mi Lier Will provide you with the most comfortable service! ! !

From the site to the opening, the senior Merchants Manager full follow-up guidance Experienced and professional operation team sub-regional follow-up business sales at any time to apply to the company Senior supervisor to the store Display guide 100 % Exchange of goods, zero stocks join the song Mi Lier, start right now ...

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