The facts are always as easy as imagined. If you want to be a second-tier brand clothing franchise, you need to master the following three things: simplistic store operations, product popularity, and popularization of business districts.

For those who enter the community, entrepreneurship is the best choice. Many bosses who own their own brands will feel fortunate that they will be actively involved in the search for affiliation and guidance, and then they will have the opportunity to expand their brand territory and earn their initial fee, but the fact is far more than this. Easy and simple, want to do a second-tier brand clothing franchise stores, you must master the three major successes: store operations simplistic, product popularization, commercial circle popularization.

First of all, to join is that the people in the amateurs can use the short-term education and training to be able to operate on the market and become mature hands from laymen. Therefore, the technology of store operations must be simplified.

Secondly, many people think that the second-line brand clothing franchise stores must be good business, their products must have characteristics, to be different, this concept is correct, but only applies to single stores, famous stores and multiple stores, which is suitable for stores When the number is within a certain scale, if it is necessary to continuously copy and display a large number of stores, its products must be changed to the popular route.

Finally, once it is open to join, the number of its second-tier brand clothing franchise stores will be sufficient; and the second-line clothing brand headquarters will not be too expensive for each franchise store, so the franchise must be more.

Our advantages:
(1) multicolors
(2) Super Soft, Super absorbent, quick dry
(3) Clean and protect delicate surfaces
(4) Ecofriendly and compact
(5) Ideal for cleaning car,kitchen,window and more
(6) Remove visible and invisible dirt without any scratch
(7) No bad odors
(8) Easy to wash without detergent      Materials:
80% Polyester 20% Polyamide, 100% polyester
Soft hand, good water-absorbent ability
40cm*40cm, customized size available
From 400-800gsm
Any pantone color
Custom Logo:
Available, printed & embroidery & embossed
Lint Free:
AZO free:
Production Capacity:
1,000,000 PCS/Month
OEM Service:

Cleaning Towel

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