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Designers should consider the need for air conditioning in the selection of air-conditioning plug-in wires. The copper wire of 42 can be used to pass the current capacity of 30 people, which can basically meet the requirements of air-conditioning power.

Due to the dark laying of pipelines in residential electrical design, it is hidden. If the design is not well thought out, it may cause fire hazards, because the residents in the renovation and renovation of electrical, just increase the number of sockets or the layout of the lamps, and will not add loops or wire diameters, so for safe and reliable use of electricity, The design should be based on the specification of detailed and detailed juice calculation and selection of wires and setting of electrical circuits.

The number and location of 3 telephone TV sockets generally refer to the telephone generation, especially Shi Zengjia, the family spoon is especially heavy. 1 line seal main house every 9 types of residential sets of telephone hoarding large computer becomes a must Each home 1 from the original, set the juice 屯夂 living room and 1 should consider the source socket.

In the case of the line 1 TV network of the military system, in other cases, the living room area is usually 2,30, and the restaurant area can reach 340, so the weather is hotter than 31, if the living room air conditioner socket wire is connected with the bedroom air conditioner socket. When the air conditioner is turned on at the same time, the power consumption exceeds 414. Therefore, the wire of the special circuit of the air conditioner is preferably 342 wire, in order to use the safety of the two feet, the temperature in the summer is normal, and the current of the air conditioner is large, the wire Overloading of the load will cause the wire to overheat and cause hazard specification. Article 6.5.2. The first paragraph stipulates that the electrical circuit should be routed with the safety and waterproof requirements. The wire should be copper wire. The cross-section of the line should not be less than 10 branches and the cross-section should not be less than 2.

512; The specification of the household cable is set to 102. Taking into account the power load, and adding room for development, the amount of current can be 50. According to the area of ​​use of the house, the standard is divided into 1 categories and the deduction of the low-electric load standard and electrical specifications, such as 1.

Set-type use area electrical load standard electrical specifications class class of residential building weak system design, system and cable TV system, telephone in the information 1` for the indispensable welcome of people living with the computer popular household online The Internet is usually on the telecommunications network. When you go online, you need to occupy the monthly telephone line. Therefore, the family has two telephone lines. The standard 6.5.6 stipulates that the telephone should be embedded in the pipeline and set in the residential suite. Telephone terminal outlets, two classes and one for each set. There are not less residential buildings, terminal outlets, two telephone lines can be set up, the installation of the raft should be in the main living room of the living room, and the residential study room of L should be equipped with a telephone terminal box, which is convenient for use in ten networks. Telephone junction boxes and commons on each floor should be placed in public areas for maintenance and overhaul.

3.2 TV system cable TV system has been in the heart of the seven design. Using the cable sneak network to view the Feng; and clear image, watching TV programs have become the main content of entertainment and rest, TV seven per household. To develop two units per household or a multi-view terminal socket to be considered for development. To the main bedroom review, set the TV terminal plug-in setting to fit the cabinet and close to the electrical specifications. Article 6.5.5 indicates that the cable TV road should be embedded in the residential suite, and should meet the requirements of the meeting. Each set of a terminal excavation class seven 46 set two, the standard clear rules 5 spare 5 bathroom socket 4 kitchen socket Glycoside socket 2 air conditioning 1 lighting planning. Design improvement of residential kitchen and bathroom piping design Zhong Xiaowu Shenzhen Construction Investment Holding Company 518,8 summary starting from the design and maintenance of the Mukhe residential kitchen bathroom piping and replacement of difficult questions. The method of open-type piping is proposed, that is, the indoor pipeline is changed from the embedded type to the clear number, so that the household and household pipelines are not mutually independent and independent, so as to achieve the purpose of facilitating replacement.

1 Introduction With the improvement of the living water 1, the number of equipment and pipelines inside the house is increasing. However, the square pipe laid by the pipe is laid inside the structure or a special closed pipe well. However, the pipeline equipment not only needs maintenance, but also has a certain service life. The above-mentioned buried pipe method makes maintenance management and replacement extremely difficult, especially for drainage pipes. When I lived in the pipeline of the upper-level users, I didn’t know it. It was only after the questions appeared in the ceiling of the lower-level households that it was discovered that the repairs needed to be settled by the residents.

Not only trouble, but also easy to cause disputes between neighbors.

Based on the above reasons, this paper proposes to remove the domestic water supply and drainage pipe from the buried pipe in the wall and the floor to the open-type pipe, which can achieve the following purposes to minimize the buried between the structure and the partition wall, even if the pipe is buried. It is also only suitable for pre-buried short and straight tubes, making the tube handling easy.

Due to the reduced number of buried pipes, the assembly work of the pipeline operation can be completed in the installation engineering stage, reducing the intersection and cooperation of the work types in the main body. Thereby saving labor and improving the efficiency of the later action.

Set up a TV terminal socket, a small number. In design, it should not be lower than this standard.

The cable TV system should be equipped with an amplifier splitter branch in the building of the Yuanyuan Building. These devices should be placed in the front box and the branch line of the TV, and the public parts of the house should be installed. The wiring should be in the form of dark wiring.

It is also the ultimate goal of changing the original tube design, even if it is convenient to repair and modify, to increase the adaptability of the house to future equipment expansion.

2 Changes in the design of the drainage pipe In the past, the drainage pipe of the tenant was located in the ceiling of the lower-level households. This method is very easy to cause disputes between neighbors. For this reason, the following changes can be made to the design of the indoor drainage pipe in accordance with the principle that the household and household drainage pipes do not affect each other.

2.1 kitchen; draining the kitchen drain pipe only has two drains, one is the sink, ten to the floor drain, for the former because the sink drain itself has a bottle trap, so the sink water pipe After the trap, the pipe can be directly drained along the wall to the drainage riser without having to pass through the floor and then connected to the riser through a 7-foot horizontal pipe. For the kitchen floor drain, there are currently three ways to make the water scattered on the ground in the kitchen. After that, a small amount of water can be removed by hand with a rag, so there is no floor drain in the kitchen.

When the kitchen is connected to the balcony, it can be considered with the balcony of the balcony. 5 When the kitchen floor is looking for slope, that is, the electrical design of the balcony residential building is in order to adapt to the development and progress of the times, it is necessary to constantly improve and add new content. . In short, the design purpose is to enable users to live in a new home, feel comfortable, modern and fully convenient to use home appliances, the terminal sockets of telephone and television can meet the needs of life.

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