Breast, a beautiful symbol of women since ancient times. For adult women, it is not only sexual and nurturing symbols, but also closely linked with life is part of the target organ of endocrine, connected up and down, a symbol of beautiful and confident self-confidence, nurturing the next generation of symbols, sex Organs, women, said: From small to large, you are my best friend, you not only read my beauty, but also to verify a girl to a woman from Sentimental to mature process ... because I have more women. Therefore, we must attach importance to the maintenance of the chest, in order to get the unexpected fifteen benefits! 1. Strengthen the heart and lung function 70% of the body's blood flow through the chest. Massage through professional techniques can effectively speed up the blood circulation in the chest, thus driving the whole body qi and blood circulation. Regulate heart rate, increase lung capacity, regulate cardiopulmonary function. 2. Sculpt body arm, armpit, back and abdominal fat free to the chest 'make the chest to do deep stretching exercise, making the blood circulation smooth, speed up the metabolism, improve fat free to form thick back and thick arm elsewhere! 3. beauty beauty massage on the chest meridian can be effectively clear, excluding toxins in the blood, blood circulation smooth, making the nutrients can be successfully delivered to the various departments of the body, radiant. 4. Voice sweet body transmission of internal sound through the meridians and meridians, meridians are the voice channel. 5. clear the lymphatic drainage to eliminate negative pressure within the health instrument allows the chest to get enough exercise, vacuum suction and release, driving the contraction of the chest muscle groups, improve the case of deputy milk. 6. Gender harmony As the breast and the uterus ovary is gonadal communication, the deep chest massage to do stretching exercises, can enhance ovarian function, endocrine normal (estrogen normal), harmony between husband and wife life. 7. Slender arm through the chest to do deep massage of women stretching exercise, can make a big move in fat universe, eliminate the arm butterfly sleeve. 8 through the arm to clear the meridians to the chest to do deep absorption and absorption exercises, can effectively clear the triple burner. A triple burner, the body of the upper and lower through. 9. chest through the back of the body through the largest bladder after the clear 'can speed up the chest's blood circulation, which led to the back of the blood circulation, effectively improve the neck back pain, discharge toxins. 10. To improve the prevention of breast disease By deep massage on the chest to do stretching exercises to promote blood circulation (regulate qi and blood), by dialysis will be soft and smaller (Endometriosis), to promote breast blood and lymphatic system circulation smoothly , To improve and prevent breast diseases faced by women. 11. Enhance immunity By dialysis to promote blood circulation, speed up the metabolism and toxins, promote blood circulation, speed up the operation of the body's organs, reduce the toxins in the body, improve immunity. 12. Regulatory endocrine breast and uterus ovary is gonadal communication. By doing deep massage of the female chest stretch exercise, can effectively improve the uterine function and ovarian function, regulate endocrine! 13. psychological adjustment beautiful chest, women's self-confidence, charm will show. 14. anti-aging, anti-aging women to women after the age of 25 estrogen will be a percentage of the annual plan under the hormone less rapid human aging, irregular menstruation, lack of flexibility of the skin plaque, breast uterine ovary increased risk of cancer All are caused by endocrine disorders. 15. To be a perfect woman Women only healthy and beautiful, radiant, build, to be confident and temperament, to show the unique charm, be the perfect woman! Pink Ribbon 'love life' healthy life!

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