On the afternoon of August 23, the first quarter of "Pen and Pen ▪ New Voice Generation" hosted by Pencil Club Kids was held in the Kingdom of Pencil Kids. The so-called "a minute on the stage, the stage 10 years of work," in addition to the scene players singing, but also resorted to absolutely killer 锏, guitar, playing the piano, guzheng, wind and blowing Hulusi all have, small partners were shocked You have a wood? Wonderful game show to audiences overwhelmed by the audience, just as the judges distinguished guests serious and serious when the score on stage, take a look at the audience bear child paper are doing? You ... this ... is ... to ... impress ... Drip rhythm thing? Nani! "Pen pen ▪ New Voice Generation" Master gathered, like a fierce war without smoke. King will get God? First prize 1, the value of 1,000 yuan gift two prize 3, the value of 500 yuan gift third prize 5, the value of 300 yuan gift award a number of awards, Why is it so fierce it! Had not had time to sign up for "Pen and Pen ▪ New Voice Generation" in the first quarter of the children are supposed to do? 粑 粑 Ma Ma Remember the latest news about Pencil Club, more fun and fun activities should not be missed! The club thanked the parents and Xiaopen friends for their enthusiastic support and participation. "The first generation of the new voice generation" has come to a successful conclusion. Do not know whether the next meeting in the arena will be more intense, let us wait and see!

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