Only Louis Yangzhou Wanjiafu shop July 14 new opening! 2013 men and women models summer debut, more fashion items can choose with Oh, opening big bargain: audience 4 to 6 fold, over 500 to receive a beautiful gift (while stocks last). Welcome new and old customers patronize! Address: Wenling Road, Guangling District, Yangzhou City, Wan Fu Shopping Center, 6th Floor, Louis Vuitton counter. Wenchang Pavilion Commercial Center, where Sino-foreign joint ventures Yangzhou Wanjiafu Mall is located, is the most prosperous commercial area in Yangzhou. Wenchang Middle Road and Wenhe Road converge here and converge with the four-way passenger flow, which is the most economically active area in Yangzhou. Louis Vuitton children's clothing settled in the success of Wan Fu Mall, will set off a new trend of children's fashion, a huge passenger flow will be the only Louis Vuitton store new opportunities for wealth!

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