Has blink of an eye into the fall, OL who is also should buy new clothes? Autumn must defeat the list must not be less than a wild little suit. Selected for their own style, whether it is a small fresh or royal sister Fan children can easily manage. Only hyun ladies 2014 autumn new small suit, your match you call the shots!


White, pure, natural, without any impurities, its wildness can be said to be the strongest of all colors. The temperature is getting cooler, a single chiffon shirt with package hip skirts have some too cool, this time outside a small sleeved white suit, you can elegant from the summer to fall.

OL们秋季必败百搭小西装 秋季小西装怎么搭配

Geometry has always been the fashion circle Icon used to concave universal choice, the classic black and white checkered and rose red collocation, strong contrast contrast enhances the overall visual sense, crisp small suit version fully demonstrated the workplace OL capable With elegant temperament, with black or print skirt with a good choice.


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