In 2014'OFFSIDE offside autumn and winter new conference, from the "backgammon dot reader girl", ultra-popular film star Gordon Ko led the OFFSIDE teenager model show exceptionally striking and stirring, staged a fashion and color, fashion and Dazzling visual feast. Performance applause, cheers, applause into an atmosphere of unusually warm and hot, 2014'OFFSIDE autumn and winter loaded with the new style completely uphold the previous style, more than any previous season's products are more stylish, more beautiful, more rich sense of the times And youthful vitality, but also more suitable for children's clothing needs. OFFSIDE is the best partner for the growth of young friends, "the beauty of achievement growth" is the core mission of OFFSIDE juvenile wear, OFFSIDE juvenile wear with thoughtful design, combined with the most popular fashion elements, according to age group characteristics, physical characteristics, version Type characteristics, interest characteristics, personality traits tailored to convey love, spread the letter, to convey positive energy, to show and cultivate children's high-spirited, carefree, energetic spirit. OFFSIDE has now entered the more than 300 cities in more than 20 provinces in the country a total of more than 500 stores, has a high market visibility and influence, known as the "Chinese teenager leading brand", "China's leading brand of children" . This fashion show only showcased 15 series of autumn and winter new products to the audience, partly showing the latest trend of 2014 teenager's outfits. A person's achievements in adult society stem from children's self-confidence built, and children's self-confidence comes from praise, praise comes from an early age temperament and dress, a confident self-confidence when people grow up and life must be Ordinary people are different. OFFSIDE self-confidence from the discovery of love and beauty, OFFSIDE is to bring beauty and confidence to all the world's young friends, so that your child out of color!

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