Because professional sports are too narrow, she is limited to the game, too restrictive; leisure sports and too vague, the goal is not clear; fashion sports too personal, suitable for the target population less. So, Naibu - vitality movement, she is full of sunshine, vitality, vitality, she summarized the casual, stylish, suitable for a wide range of people. Determination. "Reputation comes from excellence." Companies adhere to the "based on professional, emphasizing science and technology, focusing on research and development" concept, focusing on sports shoes and all kinds of accessories research and development. Fashion and technology of urban travel equipment to convey to the community vitality and healthy and lively life philosophy. Has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, access to "China 500 Most Valuable Brands", "Asia 500 Most Valuable Brand Award", "internationally renowned brands", "China's most influential brand TOP10 (Sporting Goods Industry)" and many other Honor. Nai-step - who can change or can not shake our march toward success, the pursuit of the ideal, the first brand in China Vital Sports

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