In the mall, the quality of the jade is priced at several hundred thousand yuan.

In the mall, the quality of the jade is priced at several hundred thousand yuan.

Jade can be divided into three categories of abc, to fill the chaos.

Jade can be divided into three categories of ABC.

The jade is full of eyes, do you know how to choose?

The jade is full of eyes, do you know how to choose?

The price chaos has made the jade market more mysterious, and jade has become a rare thing in the eyes of ordinary consumers. However, a piece of jadeite is placed in the hands of an expert in the profession. When you touch it, you will know the variety and quality of it, and even the other ones can be quickly identified from the square. So what are the tricks for ordinary people to choose jade? In the process of visiting the truth of the jade, the newspaper invites experts to uncover the inside story and teach you how to identify the real jade.


The hotline is ringing

In the mall, the jade bracelet with a price of one or two thousand yuan, in this "Jadeite popularization campaign", you only need to spend 2,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan; 1000 yuan to 6,000 yuan pendant, only 200 yuan to 1200 yuan; 4000 yuan starting price Hetian jade, only 800 yuan... On July 2nd, this newspaper and Shandong Yunnan Color Stone Jewelry Co., Ltd. jointly launched the "Jade Crowd Popularization Campaign" news, which caused a strong response in the society. The price is only one-fifth of the market price. Many citizens have called the newspaper's activity hotline 85057386 to inquire about the event product details. The hotline of this newspaper has been on the rise.

"Going to Yunnan this spring, I am optimistic about a bracelet, but the price is too high, I am not willing to buy it. After I came back, I turned around in the mall for several laps. I would rather compare it, but I would not dare to start it. I am afraid that I will spend money." When an organ unit went to work, the high price of the brand jade made her delay. Seeing that the newspaper is about to hold the "Jade Appreciation Campaign", the price is only one-fifth of the price of the mall brand. She was very surprised and immediately called the hotline to consult the product.

"Mother's Day wants to buy a jade bracelet for my mother, but I just went to Shanghai on a business trip that day, and I didn't have time to buy it. After seeing your report, I feel that it is not too late to buy, plus the business is cooperating with the media. The credibility is relatively high, so I decided to go to the weekend to see." Ms. Zhang called to ask the specific price of jade.

There are still many people calling to report to this newspaper that when they traveled, the jade jewelry bought in the big shopping malls in the foreign countries was very expensive. Now, after seeing the detailed price of the "Jade Appreciation Campaign" and the cheap jadeite launched by this newspaper, I regret very much and feel that I have spent a lot of money.


Pendant minimum 200 yuan, bracelet 300 yuan

Ge Qingmei, general manager of Shandong Yunnan Color Stone Jewelry Co., Ltd., said that the company had done the same activities in Jinan, Jining and Dongying. In order to do a good job in the Jimo “Jade Appreciation Campaign”, they specially transferred goods from multiple warehouses, and prepared more than 2,000 affordable jade products for Jimo consumers, with up to 14 counters.

In addition, combined with the market reality, the company has specially selected several types of products with high consumer demand, including bracelets, pendants, car pendants, handle parts and jade ornaments. It can be said to be suitable for all ages and can meet all ages. Demand.

Regarding the price issue that the public is most concerned about, Ge Qingmei said: "We have conducted a market survey on Jimo and learned about the price positioning of branded jade products on the Jimo market. Currently, the cheapest pendant is priced at 200 yuan, and the market price is at least 1000. Above the yuan. The lowest price of the jade bracelet is 300 yuan, and the market price is nearly 2,000 yuan."

At present, the bracelet of one or two thousand yuan in the shopping mall is priced at 2,000 yuan, and the fine bracelet of 25,000 yuan to 60,000 yuan is sold at 5,000 yuan. For jade and collectible jade, we are selling at 1/5 price. The same level of jade can save tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. ”

The reporter learned that from July 5th to 8th, the Jade Popularization Movement will have a number of jade experts sitting on the sales site to provide free consultation to consumers, and to explain the knowledge of jade shopping and identification to help the public practice. It is to identify the "eyes" of jade. At the same time, the mysterious gambling stone in the jade industry, the trading process, the intermediate profits and other little-known "behind the scenes", experts will also be on the scene to the public.

The reporter learned from the person in charge of the event that the public can not only purchase the affordable jade products, but also the precious jade products of various treasures and collection levels. The jade lovers can never miss.



On July 1, Mr. Li called the hotline of this newspaper to tell his story. "I traveled to Yunnan with my family last year. I was optimistic about a jade pendant in a large jade shop. I also played a 50% discount. The discount price is 6,000 yuan. It feels quite cost-effective and I bought it. When I come back, I will look for it. A well-informed acquaintance looked at it, and as a result, people immediately knew that 'this is not a cargo', it is a high-pressure filling."

The reporter consulted General Manager Ge Qingmei, and she said that there are not a few consumers like Mr. Li. He said that the Qingdao Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau had conducted a test on the authenticity monitoring of the jadeite held by the public, and the real jadeite was even less than 40%. "Now, with the rapid appreciation of the value of jade, many unscrupulous merchants feel profitable, which has led to the phenomenon that B goods and C goods are used in the market to be sold as A goods. The high-priced jade on the surface is actually ordinary. Ordinary jade. This is largely related to the lack of basic jade identification of consumers.” In addition, according to the reporter, this year’s “3·15” consumer rights protection day, the jade and jade that were exposed were chaotic. High ranking in the art market.

The reporter learned that jade is divided into three levels of ABC. Jade's A goods are natural jade, which refers to the natural production, but the use of physical methods to process the carving, polishing, polishing, without using any chemical or irradiation methods to destroy the internal structure of the jade. B goods are originally made of poor quality jade after strong acid, strong alkali soaking, improve color and remove impurities, then high-pressure filling "build". The C goods are dyed jade, regardless of whether the acid is bleached or not, whether it is filled or not, and any artificially colored jade is called C goods. In the case of basically the same appearance, the value of B goods and C goods can be several times or even several times different from the value of natural A jadeite.

Tuen Mun

"Five look and listen" to distinguish between true and false

It is not easy to train the ability to identify jadeite, and it is necessary to go through the process of long-term training and experience accumulation. For the average consumer, although the cognitive skills of jade can not be easily grasped in the short term, some of the most basic methods of identification should be mastered. The so-called "five look and one listen" method is to look at color, observe transparency, observe green and stone flowers, see cracks and dark spots, see processing levels, and listen to sound.

To judge the value of a piece of jade, you must first look at the color. The color is positive, the color is uniform, and the shade is suitable. The price is high, and there is room for preservation and appreciation. Anything that is high green (especially gorgeous) or full of green must be especially careful, such as with a small amount of green head and brighter and brighter color. You can use a spotlight flashlight to check for hidden noise. Emerald green has a higher price, followed by red and purple. In the green, the fresh, slightly yellowish three-water-containing seedling green (also known as "Yangtze" green) is the best, followed by gem green, river green, and oil green, all of which are evenly distributed in green.

Second, we must observe the transparency of jade. High transparency, the connoisseur is called the long head, and in turn, the poor transparency is called the short head. Observed under strong light, the higher the transparency, the better. The high-transparency emerald crystal clear, no matter what color will appear fresh and alive. It is worth noting that when observing the transparency of jadeite, it must be very careful, because transparency is related to the thickness of jade itself. Some jadeite products are hollowed out in the middle, because the hollowing out makes the jade thin, and the light transmission performance is much better. The purchaser creates an illusion.

Third, it is necessary to see cracks and black spots. Some are in the original ore, and some are caused by processing. In the jade products, it is less good; the black spots are black spots everywhere in the jade, and it is also small and small.

Fourth, we must observe the green and stone flowers. In the observation of light, there are other mineral particles in the jade (ie, green), and often have a mass of white flowers, called stone flowers. Both are less good.

Fifth, the level of processing. The surface is smooth, polished and in good shape. The figure of the character mainly depends on whether the face is correct and whether the facial features are reasonable. The animal statue looks at whether the proportion of the trunk and the limbs is appropriate, whether the shape is natural, whether the flowers are carved or not, and whether the layout is reasonable. The most beautiful embodiment of the jade culture is the production process. Jade jewelry with good workmanship, fine carving and rich cultural connotation is of great value whether it is collection, viewing or wearing.

In addition, most consumers who purchase jade bracelets may have the experience that the merchant will knock the jade bracelet on your face and listen to whether the sound is crisp and turbid, and it is better to have a crisp and melodious voice. This is to prove that the crystal of jade is tight and has no cracks. Specifically, the sound of A goods is crisp, long and echoy, and it is metallic; B goods are more dull and hoar.

Usually, each piece of precious jewellery and jade has a certificate. Consumers should remember to ask the merchant for the jewellery and jade identification certificate with the “CMA” and “CAL” signs to ensure that the jewellery and jade purchased are in conformity with the certificate. photo.

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