There is no sweat pores, it is a real trick to identify the true and false of Hetian jade seeds. Really good Hetian jade seed material, no matter how delicate, its surface will have dense pores, there is a saying in the line: "The seed material has been peeled, the gods can not recognize." Especially like the pores of the body. The pores are the loss of crystals and the recesses between the crystals.

The interlaced crystal is white jade, so the crystal is not as uniform as the mineral of a single crystal. In other words, some places are dense and some have a small density, so in the natural riverbed, the impact of water will then form high and low fluctuations. Natural skin surface. However, all the concave surfaces that are not completely considered to be polished are uniform, and their formation is not affected by the distribution of jade's own crystal density.

Looking for "fine pores of Hetian jade seed"

The real Hetian jade seed material, no matter how delicate, its surface will have many small holes that are innumerable, especially like the "fine pores" on human skin, and the characteristics of Hetian jade seed material. Use a magnifying glass about 10 times to see clearly. However, after the manual barreling, the Hetian jade seed material is very similar to the real seed material. However, its surface is very smooth and bright, and there are a lot of scratches and no “fine pores”. Finding the "fine pores" method is an effective method for identifying the true and false group of Hetian jade seeds.

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