The devotion of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims, illuminated Fair Isle in Scotland and opened the memory of civilization from the thick fog of nature. Inspired by Mark Fairwhale designers, this season's Fairwhale Jeans for Men Fall / Winter 2012 series welcomes the cloud folklore, inspired by the iconic Isle of Faire, the most European island of choice Source, carrying the heat run into the natural and civilized, integration into the warm current of the cycle of reincarnation, rejuvenating a warmth belongs to the outdoor wilderness and folk style fashion trend. This quarter Mark Fairwhale JEANS men's (Fairwhale Jeans for Men) 2012 autumn and winter series, a large number of national totem elements are used, the Nordic folk style Fair Isle patterns, the new camouflage and the original printing, cut edge, loose mouth edge details, are derived from Inspired by nature. The old waxy cotton is full of charm, full of changing color yarn follow the golden wheat field, a symbol of jungle-style cave life and the desire to return to nature. Flagship series - Fair Isle elements, it is based on snowflakes, reindeer, sesame points arranged in circular arrangement as the main performance, warm reproduction of Nordic style of the retro and elegant. Through the rich fabric and trim superposition and replacement of the entire series looks more exotic and unique design texture. Outdoor wind and folk style of fusion is another series of this season, the British temperament of mixed-race boy, passionate environmentalist passion of blood, wild walk and college life alternation, subtle evolution of youth to maturity, thinking into the reality Life, this is a new movement belonging to the British fashion and ultimate aesthetics. Autumn and winter of 2012, Mark Fairwhale Jeans Men (Fairwhale Jeans for Men) will release the feelings of the United States once again, the city back to the original and retro return, staged a neo-aesthetic neo-modern reincarnation. 【Brand Story】 Fairwhale Jeans for Men, an important member of the Mark Fairwhale family, strongly impresses on the courageous, rebellious and self-supporting DNA of young people in the new age. Unique style of dress philosophy is its source of inspiration. Because of the unique appeal of this dressing philosophy, it is an important goal for Fairwhale Jeans for Men to create value for urban youth by providing them with the multiple qualities of exploration, independence, self-confidence, dreams and freedom to help them Express self-assertiveness and unleash the appeal of individuality - in all cases, men in Fairwhale Jeans men's clothing can gain more attention.

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