Ben Wang News March 12, local time on March 11, Louis Vuitton 2015 autumn and winter big show in Paris located in Boulogne Forest Park, Louis Vuitton Foundation Building.

Against the backdrop of architect Frank Gehry's building, in the steel-backed show field, the city girl of the new season strode on the T stage and couldn't stop my momentum and self-confidence with a son. Ghesquiere unveiled the answer to this season's challenge with a series of seemingly stable, but intrinsic, mystery: an urban festivity for bad girls.

You may not have thought that Ghesquière really used fur. You wouldn't even think that the soft, tattered fur can be like a gorgeous knives with a strong, concise streamlined shape that pierces Louis Vuitton. The end of this Paris Fashion Week announced to us: The fur is coming home; if the madness comes, who can parry?

Returning to the costume itself, what we see is still the designer's favorite, splicing, deconstructing, simple leather, tough silhouette and pioneer footwear. The fascination with the future and space is reflected in those star-stamped skirts with metal reflections and meteor bright diamond tops like armor. The woman he created for us is fierce, cold and inflexible. He spares no effort to convey the spirit of independence of a woman.

Natural abstract illustrations, lace, cutouts, and rhinestones look romantic, and when they arrive in Ghesquière's hands, they are more shocking than romance. They are given a three-dimensional structure, sharp and multifaceted, just like Like sketching, the designer simply “paints” the structure on the cloth, leaving no trace of space. On the wearer's body, it naturally forms folds and three-dimensional spaces. This is what Ghesquière brings to people.

When Nicolas Ghesquière rushed to Louis Vuitton and officially bid farewell to Balenciaga's fifteen years, when he reached a new milestone, all expectations and determinations came to this Taurus man. Anna Wintour of Tsundere once praised him as “the most popular and influential person in fashion”. Vixen commentator Suzy-Menke called Nicolas Ghesquière a rare genius. Indeed, the talent of Nicolas and his small heart ready to explode are irresistible to the men and women in the fashion world. The post-LV era has also become a “star product” of the fashion circle. For Pony Brothers, Big Brother, Ghesquière The comparison has never stopped and it seems to be a bit of a three-country situation. However, when these "big hats" are all tied to one's head, it is inevitable that there will be no room for people to breathe. So in this season we Still vote for Ghesquière and wait for it to be better.

["The Polar Bear" is also stylish white fur warm and fresh]

The supermodel, Freja Beha Erichsen, dressed in white fur, started arrogantly with a silver suitcase. Other designers racked their brains to change the fur with variegated, splicing, etc., Nicolas Ghesquière has its own way - clear and pure white, furry warm like a polar bear. The pointed booties enhance the sense of modernity and avoid the bloated profile.

[streamline waistline waist and open breasts feminine popping]

This season's Louis Vuitton is a streamlined ruffle. Nicolas Ghesquière squats on the body of a woman, vertical stripes, and Louis Vuitton looks like a streamlined building. Waist, cuffs and skirts, smart lotus leaves bring people back to the 80s full of style.

[Lea silk satin case color mosaic sturdy girl sleep just wake up]

Designer Nicolas Ghesquière is very good at using materials. This season's pajama-style satin skirt is made of lace and color patches. The model's casual distribution and comfortable flat shoes are all casual and comfortable.

[Men's Elemental Dresses and Coat Hold Holds LV's Are Domineering Female Presidents]

Nicolas Ghesquière is not limited to the French style. The stylish bad girl is the image he wants to create this season. Neat suits and military coats, men's wear was transformed into a women's show. Thin chain belts and pointed shoes collide with the feminine taste of the boss woman.

[Spirit gas jacket with A-skirt rocker girl hits the night]

Lingerie, woolen and leather, fur and leather stitching, the classic motorcycle jacket has become more stylish this season. The upper body's pattern machine is retro-featured, but the lower body is paired with modern cool A-line skirts to continue the interpretation of classical and modern and even the future.

[Dazzling animal patterns are overbearing and wild of young girls]

The dazzling animal pattern became one of the few wild elements of the season. The splicing of different fabrics highlights the designer's ability to mature and control various material fabrics. Fur and Leopard, these are all necessary "town treasures." LV-style bad girl carrying a handbag like a new handbag, wearing a large fur coat, walking barefoot on the road to open up a new continent.

[Lacy gauze vs. Straight leather pants Disco girl show time]

Cut clean straight leather pants, with the same neat short jacket and trench coat, the line is simple and pure. Striking, powerful, and capable are Nicolas Ghesquière's usual design style. Some lace and perspective elements have been added to the show to make it look more avid.

Let's go out with a safe

This season's most eye-catching handbag is this box that looks like a safe box, and the square lines that make the feminine image become angular. Taking advantage of such a small box, so that the mysterious increase, is the nurse to the battlefield, is a senior agent robbing jewelry, can not help but imagine people.

Clutches are integrated with rivets and colorful square leather elements, such as a cluster of coral stones shining on the leather. Classic LOGO handbags and luxury fur handbags, which one are you more interested in?

The square-shaped buckle shoulder bag is made of color and space geometric patterns on the top leather. It looks very young and fashionable. This is what the girl likes.

[Small pointed shoes do post-modern women]

As the classic iconic short boots of the LV style, this season is not too fancy design, with black and white as the main tone with a simple cross belt and buckle design, smooth lines, so that the leg lines look very beautiful.

[Chain Belt Wild St.]

This season's LV show floor continues its clean and neat style with no extra accessories. What catches the eye is this silver or black chain belt. Whether it is a suit suit, a knit shirt, a sleeveless dress or a handsome leather trousers, it can be perfectly blended with the costumes. It is a wild product! (Media Cooperation: Cardi Le crocodile shoes dragon sent men's shoes)

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