Sunshine afternoon, the quiet coffee house, or the garden behind the house, enjoy a cup of espresso coffee, a cup of mellow Earl black tea, look lazy comfortable, such a woman, as the picture into the landscape. Atlas 2013 new, with the magic wave point with a relaxed design dress, make you fascinated summer lazy wind.


If you do not like the spot hot, then the nephew of the general wave dot, showing the cool and bustling night city, lazy in the night to enjoy a glass of red wine, or with this rare fascination, enjoy traveling alone, Open arms embrace the breeze under the blue sky.

卡其波点演绎慵懒造型 爱特蓝斯新款陪你度夏

This summer, Aite Lulai enjoy afternoon sunshine, let the lazy wind upgrade, taste of life, it is the calm and comfortable. Black chiffon dress, embellishment blurred edge of the wave point, progressive visual effects, creating a sunshine of light mottled, pulled up to the waist cross design, free and comfortable.

Cashmere wool overcoat fabric is derived from high-grade double woven fabrics. Wool fabrics are made of high quality natural fabrics such as cashmere, wool, rabbit hair, etc. The overall feel is delicate, lubricating, compact, straightforward and elastic, and the color is gorgeous, colorful, suitable for different age levels. The value of cashmere wool coat's double-sided fabrics lies in the super-good handle, thin two layers of cashmere fabrics sewed together, but can not find any combination of sewing, because it can not be machine composite, can only be sewn by hand one needle one line, which determines that each cashmere wool coat is unique.

Cashmere Coat

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