Is ruby ​​expensive? Is ruby ​​expensive?

Ruby refers to corundum with red color. It is a kind of corundum. The main component is alumina (Al2O3), red is from chromium (Cr), mainly Cr2O3, the content is generally 0.1~3%, and the highest is 4%.

Most of the natural rubies come from Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Hainan, China, Jiangjin Shijingshan, Chongqing), Africa, Oceania (Australia), and the Americas (Montana and South Carolina, USA). Natural rubies are rare and therefore precious, but artificial rubies are not too difficult, so industrial rubies are artificial.

Ruby is the most precious of all gems in the Bible. The hot red color of ruby ​​makes people always associate it with passion and love. It is known as the "stone of love" and symbolizes the enthusiasm of fire, the beauty, eternality and firmness of love. Ruby is the birthstone of July. Rubies of different colors come from different countries, but they also mean auspiciousness. Red is always the messenger of beauty, and ruby ​​is the best guide to give wishes to others. Among the red of ruby, the most valuable is the jewel with the strongest color, called "pigeon red". This kind of bright, intense color, which can be called deep red, reveals the true face of ruby. Unfortunately, most rubies are reddish in color and have a pink feel, so rubies with pigeon blood tones are even more valuable. Because the ruby ​​is filled with a strong anger and rich colors, the former people thought it was the embodiment of the dead bird, and it had a passionate illusion.

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