Watermelon tourmaline is a very rare type of tourmaline (aka: tourmaline). It is in a spar, the center is pink, the edge is green or the reverse tourmaline is called watermelon calcium carbide. Because the color resembles the pulp and peel of watermelon, it is named watermelon tourmaline. What are the key points for the identification of watermelon tourmaline?


The weight of the identification of watermelon tourmaline

If it is a synthetic gemstone, it weighs less than a natural gem. So, feel the weight of the watermelon tourmaline, or compare it to the same kind of gem. The lighter nature is not the natural watermelon tourmaline.

The color of the identification of watermelon tourmaline

Natural watermelon tourmaline color, halo, are more natural. Under the illumination of different lights, different light rays are reflected, giving a feeling of jewels, but the synthetic products will not. A closer look reveals that the color of the composite is too bright and not natural enough.

The price of the identification of watermelon tourmaline

As the saying goes: cheap is not good, good goods are not cheap. The price of synthetic products is far lower than the price of natural watermelon tourmaline, not even one percent. To give a simple example, the price of a synthetic product is even lower than the price of a one-carat natural watermelon tourmaline. There is no good thing to lose the pie in the sky, so you should pay special attention to the low-priced watermelon tourmaline.

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