May 31-June 15 Guangdong Bunuo Animation Group Co., Ltd.'s children's wear brand - Fun fruit children's wear will be held in Anhui Commercial Building, Welcome to June 1, "I and the fruit have a date" as the theme of the large-scale activities, the scene Not only gorgeous costumes for children's clothing, and the Boon Man manga artists will also be produced for the site's own personal version Q comics, parents are welcome to take the children to participate actively in this event! Time: 2015.5.31-6.15 Way: 1.Budget figurine tour 2.An artist's graffiti show 3.Brown fruit children's clothing show Content: 1.Exhibition: doll doll live interactive show (1) 2 Graffiti: Graffiti show by manga artist (2 comic artists and 2 assistant painters) Interactive graffiti on site (May 31 to June 1), free graffiti at $ 398 and over $ 298 onsite comic book Zhang 3. Catwalks: On May 31 (Sunday), about 30 walk-in shows are held in the mall on the morning of May 31st. First Prizes: One (500 RMB cash voucher) Second Prize: Two (300 RMB vouchers) Three Award: three (200 yuan vouchers) (cash coupons only use fruit counters, according to the amount of the tag settlement) 4. Static Exhibition: Children's clothing area 5 floor elevator static display month (5.30 to 6.30) all entries Personnel: send a box of fruit gift (a variety of fruit doodle doll, 15cm light version, a total of 30)

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