Is not only the spring and summer short skirt flooded, with the diversification of the garment industry, skirts directly spread to the autumn and winter. Miniskirt with knee boots, active throughout the dull autumn and winter. The following pink package hip skirt is a lot of MM have Amoy purchase object, it is sexy.


The overall design of black lace shirt is very beautiful. White lace doll collar set off a lovely face, dotted with the whole black lace shirt. Slim waist design sketched the s-curve. The lotus leaf is sweet and playful. Two together, sweet and sexy range of children, will earn a lot of time back Oh.

短裙怎么搭配好看 性感随季节蔓延

Black pleated chiffon skirt is very wild Oh. As long as a move, a cluster of flowers along the skirt followed jump. Lying stockings legs looming. White plush is also very distinctive Oh, do not need any modification, stitching, itself is perfect. With a curved collar to set the white skin, bud sleeves sweet lady, very TV series heroine children.

Picture Source: Qian Yi Mall Women

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