How to distinguish the value of old photos

1. The older the value is, the higher the age is.

Divided by time, the older the photographs are, the smaller the amount of their existence and the higher the value. Take the photos of the Yuanmingyuan architectural landscape as an example. Before 1900, photographs of intact buildings were not found. If they existed, their value was inestimable. At present, the price of the original old photos in the late Qing Dynasty generally ranges from 1000-2000 yuan.

2. The more important the theme, the more vivid the value is.

Since old photographs are the truest portrayal of social life, the use of photographic language to record current affairs, the more representative the picture, the higher the value. In the auction of the 98 Spring Auctions held by the Chinese Bookstore, there was a photo of the Qiangye Jianmi during the 31st year of the Guangxu reign (1905). This book contains 8 photos of the rice photograph taken at the time and it is equipped with Sprinkle gold paper seal text description, a picture of a text, is a rare historical data, the original valuation was as much as 8000-110000 yuan.

3. The value of celebrity photos taken by celebrity masters is high

Photographs taken by famous museum masters are rare in the world, and if the subject is a celebrity, the value is higher. In the early Chinese photography circle, many famous artists such as Lang Jingshan, Wu Zhongxing, Wu Yibo, and Liu Bannong emerged. They are highly accomplished and good at combining western photography techniques with Chinese culture. The value of their photographs is much higher. If many photos can be retained until they are auctioned out again, the price will probably quadruple.

4, the larger the value the higher the value

Due to the limitations of early photography technology, large-size photo prints are not much, and the larger the size of the photo, the more difficult it is to preserve. Therefore, large-size photos that are left intact can be more valuable. **The price of the 10-inch or so photo should be between 300-500 yuan; for the 20-inch photo, the price is relatively low, and the price is usually between 1000-2000 yuan; if the size of the average family is very small The value of the photos is not high, the price is generally about 50-70 yuan.

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