Beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach motorcycles, etc., under blue sky and white clouds, blue waters, sea breeze, wide and delicate beaches, playing in groups of three or five, playing volleyball on the beach, playing football, or experiencing beach motorcycles At the same time, fitness can also be savoring the joy of sports.
Beach sports include beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach motorcycles, etc. Under blue sky and white clouds, azure blue waters, in the sea breeze, on the wide and delicate beach, in groups of three or five, playing volleyball, playing football, or experiencing on the beach. With a beach motorcycle, you can savor the joy of sports while exercising.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball: Beach volleyball originated in Santa Monica, California in the United States in 1920. It began in Europe in 1927 and was one of the activities of the French "nudistists". In the 1930s, the two-person beach volleyball game appeared. In the 1940s, the official organization of a two-person match appeared.
On the blue seashore, white and soft sandy beaches, the passionate and sunny beach volleyball is the confrontation of courage and wisdom, and you are sure to show your charming charm in this beautiful scenery.

Beach football

Beach Soccer: The most widely-developed area of ​​beach football is South America. It also includes Europe, Portugal, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, and Australia and New Zealand in Oceania. The most common in Asia is Thailand. At present, many large-scale beach soccer games have been organized in Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Hainan.
The sport is highly ornamental. The inverting gold hooks that may appear at any time during the game and the goalkeeper’s wanton exaggerated fly-out make the audience feel excited. Beach football emphasizes technology rather than running. Players can enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze.

Beach motorcycle Beach Motorcycles: It's easy to learn how to drive a beach bike. No matter if you are young or old, you can drive in just a few minutes. The rippling blue sea, white and soft sandy beaches, the blue sea, white and soft sandy beaches and blue sky constitute a unique picture. This is the venue for beach motorcycles. Really want to fly freely here ... ... beach motorcycle will let you enjoy the thrilling and exciting on the beach!

Tennis: Tennis and golf, bowling, and table tennis are also known as the world's four major gentlemen sports. Its origins can be traced back to France in the 12th-13th century. At the time, there was a popular game among the missionaries that used a palm to hit the ball. The ball struck.
Modern tennis origins Britain. In 1873, British Major M. Winfield, who played ancient tennis, was inspired by badminton to design a tennis game for men and women that was suitable for outdoor use. It was called the Sphairistike movement. In 1875, as the sport became popular on the figure-eight course, the All England Ryukyu Club set up a grass tennis court beside the croquet court, followed by the authority of the old-fashioned tennis authority Marie Born Cricket Club. The campaign has developed a series of rules. Since then, lawn tennis has officially replaced Judicial Tek.
After entering the 1990s, the development of tennis has several characteristics. First, it is popularized. According to related information, at the beginning of 1990, there were 156 associations registered in the International Net Alliance. Second, there were high levels of competition and fierce competition. Table 2 can fully prove this; Third, with the reform of equipment, especially the development of rackets, tennis will develop in the direction of strength and speed; Fourth, with the continuous increase in the prize for various tennis competitions, the professionalization of tennis The degree of commercialization will be higher and higher. In short, tennis, the world's second-largest sport, will win more and more fans and spectators with its incomparable charm and evolving technology.

Power Delta Wing Power Delta: The power delta is the most popular light-powered aircraft in the field of aeronautics. Its rise in Europe in the 1970s has been timeless. Usually, the movable delta wing can be used by two passengers. The propeller is propelled by a piston aero engine. The wing and the fuselage are connected by a suspension method. The pilot can control the aircraft by moving the relative center of gravity between the fuselage and the wing. Higher gliding performance Even if the power triangle is lost, the power triangle can still be glided and landed like an island, so the Delta wing is quite safe. As the Delta wing took off from the ground, your heart flew up. Overlooking the beautiful scenery of Wuzhizhou from the sky, coconut trees, silver sand, and blue sea are all underneath...