The reporter learned yesterday that during the National Day Golden Week holiday, Chengdu Cultural Tourism has become a "golden spot" for attracting tourists. Among them, the Wuhou Temple Museum once again led the audience enthusiasm, and a total of 150,000 people visited the 7-day holiday to set a new historical high. Among them, an exciting gathering of high-tech cultural relics and experience of historical traversal is popular.

A large number of exquisite porcelain, jade articles, bronze wares and other artifacts were met with tourists on the special exhibition platform of the computer. Don't think you just look at the pictures. The three-dimensional guide system makes all the collections alive! Want to see the bottom of a blue and white porcelain plate? As soon as he lowered his head, the plate turned over; As soon as you turn around, it will laugh at you! It is understood that this event is the first major measure taken by the Wuhou Memorial Museum to help the private museum Chengdu Huatong Museum. Compared to the famous Wuhou Temple, the Huatong Museum is simply “a person who is not well-versed”. Although it has many unique collections and high-tech technologies, it is rarely known. By the National Day holiday, the Huatong Museum specially selected the latest technology and used its most popular Wuhou Temple to display its own precious cultural relics. Tourists sitting in front of the computer, facing the artifacts on the screen, if you want to watch the other side of the artifacts, only need to shake the face, the artifacts will turn with it. For example, if you want to see if there is a seal on the bottom of a blue-and-white porcelain plate, imagine that the plate is really in front of you. Appreciate it with a bowed head and bent down, and the plate will automatically flip and turn the bottom towards you. Numerous tourists scrambled to come and experience, and a visitor from Shanghai praised in a row: “Like this sensor technology, I met in Taipei and I didn’t expect to see it again today.”

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