The world's top 500 circulating the phrase "training is the greatest welfare." Training is an important component of corporate culture, but also an indispensable business development of the key links. Guolie underwear brand since its inception in the underwear market continue to gain praise, inseparable from the joint efforts of staff, Gui Mi also has staff training as an important part of the company's development.

Training can not only improve the occupational skills of employees, but also enhance the efficiency and value of the enterprise by raising employees 'consciousness, enthusiasm and creativity, enhance employees' recognition of corporate culture and strengthen teamwork among employees so as to provide consumers Provide more and better service.


In order to further enhance the company's marketing skills, improve customer service awareness and enhance the brand image of boudoir underwear, on January 28, boudoir brand underwear organizations to carry out marketing techniques to enhance training courses, in particular, invited to Chen Anzhi International Training Institution Lecturer Wang Zhigao As the speaker, the company all employees enthusiastic participation, active interaction, making the training received unbelievably good results.

The purpose of this training is to improve staff marketing and marketing skills, improve staff awareness of customer service and promote the healthy development of underwear brand. The on-site lecturer interacted well with the staff and combined with a large number of vivid cases to explain profound theories in simple terms to explain marketing techniques such as how to effectively develop customers, inquire about customer needs and how to do well in customer service. In the meantime, in the process of training, the effective cooperation among staff members has fully mobilized their enthusiasm and participation through various forms such as group discussions and experience sharing.


Through this training, employees have a deeper understanding and understanding of the future development of Guiyang and good customer service, and have indicated that they will work hard in the future to effectively improve their business capabilities, enhance the success rate of business expansion, and more Well to join the customer service for the boudoir underwear , for the consumer service for the company to accomplish this year's development goals.


With superb product tailoring and design, the precise grasp of fashion and healthy positioning, boudoir underwear has a large number of loyal consumers, franchise stores spend all major cities in the country. Now, the development of boudoir underwear brand faster and faster, getting better and better, more and more women into the boudoir underwear shop. Gui Lin underwear brand also profoundly aware of the importance of maintaining a good momentum of development, in order to strengthen mutual communication between staff, to better serve customers and consumers, while promoting the building of enterprise culture, Linyi underwear will continue to carry out a series of Training activities to promote the development of the company's brand.

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