Imagine the waves stroking your toes, the sea gently hugging the beach, plenty of sunshine on the beach, not far from the beauty of women in colorful swimsuits formed by the scenery, tourists play ... beautiful scene can not just imagine the presence of mind, you want to go to the beach wanton fun, then stop the task at hand, home away from home to sleep late, to accept the invitation from the beach, from now on, in order to see the sea, KUGER Guge beach resort program was officially launched La!


Think of the beach the first thing to buy a dazzling swimsuit, a great tool to dress up! KUGER Guge new Siamese models, the design style running in the retro road, jumping polka dots in the field of vision, sexy and more at the same time more elegant; printed swimsuit, tropical printing is always brought passionate Feel, hot summer guarantee let you become a beautiful beach on the landscape. Exclusive swimwear, KUGER Guge for you!

Swimsuits have creative, KUGER Guge new swimsuit, whether from the pattern to the fabric or from the overall design to the details of the deal, with the previous swimwear design are very different. The new swimsuit design incorporates a lot of modern elements, allowing you to easily become a modern charm light milf. Split swimsuit has always occupied a very important position in the swimsuit, split swimsuit in the perfect show waistline while greatly enhance the sexy index, has been the first choice for women's beach swimwear.

Do not love to swim and love to walk, casual casual style jumpsuit, casual vest or T-shirt, holiday style dress, BF wind shirt and denim shorts are good swimwear with a single product, plus several Fashion Accessories and straw hat , Suddenly the perfect interpretation of the summer vacation style, why not worry about how to match, take a look at KUGER Guge beach resort program, ultimately, your interest!

Make Up Sponge And Puff:

Make up sponge and puff is Makeup lovers indispensable good helper. It is light, soft, absorbent strong, the biggest function is to thoroughly clean the skin and pores of dirt and grease, make the skin clean and smooth. And the powder evenly on the skin away, help necrosis cutin fall off, promote the blood circulation, under the appropriate friction will achieve massage effect. Make up sponge and puff according to the basic structure could be divided into two kinds of natural and synthetic materials. Natural sponge water imbibition is strong, suitable for use when liquid foundation and powder frost; Synthetic sponge has good elasticity, but slightly weak water imbibition, suitable for powdery cake. Commonly used powder puff has two kinds of wet and dry powder puff. Wet powder used to coat powdery bottom, can make the powder evenly coated in the face the detail parts; Dry it calm makeup powder is thin and uniform on the face, at the same time can also play the role of a base. Sponge puff according to the materials can be divided into, latex sponge powder puff, cotton powder puff, plush powder puff, velvet puff, flocking powder puff. latex sponge is one of the main materials of powder puff products, good durability, skin contact is very good; Cotton powdery puff, soft and comfortable, equipped with a ribbon, etc. it is more convenient to use, for more calm makeup powder; plush powder puff comfortable, strong sex suction powder, apply to calm makeup powder, equipped with ribbons, ribbon, easy to use; Velvet puff apply to calm makeup powder, comfortable, strong sex suction powder; Flocking powder puff, skin touch very soft, applicable to the foundation make-up. Make up sponge and puff according to density can be divided into, Without porous sponge and porous sponge. Without porous high density sponge, texture is soft and delicate, feels very smooth, almost can't see any gap on the surface. Have the oval plate, rhombus block and so on, shape diversity, can choose according to every man habits and hobbies, the sponge besides can wash my face, and to apply the function of the liquid makeup. Porous sponge, generally for the round plate, are used in Stick Foundation excellent function of this type of sponge chamfer. Porous sponge, generally for the circular plate, is used to apply Stick Foundation, this type of sponge to cuticle function is admirable. These Make up sponge and puff design is novel, can cater to tide, produced by using environmental protection material, the development prospect is very considerable. Popular with the customers, Ningbo Younker can also customize according to your requirement, I believe that Ningbo Younker must be a good choice for you!


Make up sponge and puff:

1. Name: Make up sponge and puff.

2. Material: latex,non-latex, synthetic fiber, synthetic hair, wooden.

3. Size: Available different size.

4. Color: Available different color..

5. Suitable for group: women.

6. Style: Stylish, Nickle free, Lead free, Customized style is available.

7. Feature: Safety materials with certification. CE, FDA, GSP, and BV

8. Packing: Each piece/set in opp bag/pvc bag or customized.

9. Design: ODM, OEM, Design Service Offered and Buyer Label Offered are welcomed.

10. Shipping Port: Ningbo or Shanghai.

11. Shipping Method: By Courier, Air cargo and Sea.

12. Sample time: 7-10 days.

13. Shipping time: 20-30 days after confirmation.

Make Up Sponge And Puff

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