Etam underwear brand in November 17, 2015 in Shanghai Zhengda Plaza opened on the third floor of the brand image store. This is the Etam lingerie brand under the Etam Group in France opening the first brand image store in the country. Shanghai's small partners, you can go buy winter underwear set friends.

艾格内衣 - Etam Lingerie Etam内衣品牌形象店11.17在上海正大广场开业

As a brand image store, Etam lingerie brand held a grand opening ceremony. In this ceremony, Etam lingerie brand invites celebrities wearing Etam costumes and supermodel to help out, with many fashionista can be described as opening a major bright spot. Now, let Xiaobian take everyone to see Etam lingerie brands are invited to what stars and supermodels to join:


Famous supermodel, "Beautiful Bride" anchor


Ji Lili

International supermodel, many first-line brand Queen model


Danny Lee

Won the fashion model medal

And for many high-end fashion show catwalk


With the help of these celebrities and supermodels, our Etam lingerie brand will make a name for itself in Shanghai's Super Brand Mall. Our Etam designs the most French-inspired underwear, pajamas, swimwear and sportswear for women. Each store wonderful, lovely Yi Yi from the French headquarters designers crafted. Shops within the display of goods, are arranged by a professional layout designer, the obvious color of the block will be moving products to distinguish, in order to customers spending choices. So when we walk into the Etam underwear store, you will find another sky.

New store opened, not only a lot of new products, Etam underwear also prepared a series of fashion surprises for everyone. Want to know what are you? Then as soon as possible into our Etam underwear Square store in Shanghai.

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