Beautiful office workers, is not every day to wear what worries? Is not every day in the "always one less" wardrobe hesitated? How beautiful out of the street without a wild skirt? Whether it is a dress or a small umbrella skirt, how to stop the temperament emitted?


Long-sleeved dress is the essential autumnal, stitching translucent organza sleeve, breathable and comfortable, will not let the skin feel hot, waist style version of the design combined with a small umbrella skirt hem, the curve of the upper body shape Delicate, while showing a pair of slender legs, tall build easily.

初秋伞裙搭配散发女神气质 小伞裙在秋季怎么搭配

Black lace umbrella skirt, looming some lively and lovely atmosphere, with orange sleeve shirt, beautiful young but yet elegant temperament, the standard model body you can also take advantage of the season you can also reveal the legs enjoy Yourself.

初秋伞裙搭配散发女神气质 小伞裙在秋季怎么搭配

A grass green version of the type skirt, can bring you a wide variety of early autumn shape. With a pure white shirt and light pink baseball jacket, the spring and summer seasons in the small fresh feeling extended to the fall, walking in the street keep one hundred percent back.

Photo Source: 1000 together with Women's Autumn 2014 new clothes

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