On August 25th this site , “Every woman should have a pair of good shoes. It will take you to any place you want to go.” In fact, a pair of beautiful laces gives people not only the external bright, let It's even more important for you to send out self-confidence from the inside out! Especially the sisters who are in the workplace, you know that if you want to go smoothly and smoothly, you must have these 9 shoes.

1, black pointed shoes

As a woman in the workplace, the most important condition for the selection of shoes is that it is both versatile and capable, so a black pointed shoe is definitely your companion! Basically use it to take any color trousers or skirt can Do not make mistakes, but it also saves you the trouble of going out in the morning and trying to match.

2, light-colored pointed shoes

The role of TA is the same as that of black pointed shoes. It is convenient for you to use it wildly! Especially when it is summer, you need to wear a lot of light-colored clothes, so standing a light-colored pointed shoe is also very much needed.

3, straw wedge shoes

Compared with conventional high-heeled shoes, the comfort of wedge shoes is absolutely even higher. It's a relief for the sisters who need to stand on the bus and subway to get on and off. This year's draft element is also very popular, so it's fashionable. Gravel slope is definitely a good choice for your commuting!

4, D'orsay shoes

The name of Dole’s shoes may sound strange to you, but as long as you see TA, you will suddenly realize that this is the original! Yes, Dole’s shoes means that the middle of the foot is not surrounded by the forefoot and The style of the heel force has become a new generation of popular indicators for the flats industry in the past two years! When you are sitting in the office and don't want to walk around with a big high heel, you must start with your pair of office slippers!

5, sexy thin shoes

Fine-strapped shoes are more feminine and sexy than pointed shoes, but more importantly, a pair of nice-looking thin-sandals sandals can make your ankles look more slender, and the entire leg lines will also be Being stretched! Relied on TA to become a beautiful landscape in the office!

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