Di Figure DITTO to a keen international fashion trends, Di Figure women at the same time close to the domestic urban fashion design requirements of women, Di clothing pursuit of "noble, elegant, confident, generous" concept, Di Figure DITTO strive to create a perfect tailoring of women Unique soft beauty. Di Figure DITTO women's clothing is mainly composed of three product lines: classic products, business products, fashion and leisure products.

迪图 - DITTO

Classic product

The series emphasizes the practicality of the product, highlighting the plate type, workmanship and fabric performance, show in the store, to adapt to a wide range of customers, allowing consumers to easily buy. The series will not be in bad inventory even if you have not sold out during the season.


Business product performance unique brand connotation of the product. Is to Di map in order to meet: white-collar workers, executives, executive business executives of a group of business needs products, the store is complete in the product, you can influence the overall image of the store and sales performance, but also can be "Di map" Bring stable VIP customers.


Fashion and leisure products

More reflect Di fashion side. The product has a short sales cycle and will become a bestseller for a period of time. It will be displayed in a conspicuous place in the store, often attracting passengers and stimulating customers' appetite for purchase, thus boosting the overall sales performance.

After more than ten years of development, Shenzhen Desheng Fashion Co., Ltd. has always been targeting "creating well-known brand". Since its establishment in 2004, it has passed the market baptism and has now grown into a market with nearly 160 chain stores and over 50 domestic alliances Large-scale commercial structure of the famous women's brand . Over the years, the company has been sharing the latest fashion information with a number of fashion houses in the world. It aims to create a low-profile fashion that integrates East and West and reshapes the classic woman of the time.

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