Coffee beans, the dark brown beans, seem to be common, but they have learned a lot at all stages. For a coffee drinker, coffee beans are grown, produced, and baked. . . . . Such as professional knowledge, most people think that there should be a general understanding of the production of things can be done to the coffee business is responsible, this is after all an emphasis on the division of labor. However, it is the responsibility of our users to grind and make coffee. There must be a clear understanding.

The best time to grind coffee is to grind it before cooking. Because pulverized coffee easily oxidizes and dissipates aromas, especially if it is not properly and properly stored, the coffee powder is also easily odorized and natural coffee cannot be cooked naturally. Some people are afraid of trouble or do not want to buy grinders, usually at home to drink coffee to buy ready-made coffee powder, then pay special attention to the storage problem, because Taiwan's climate is humid, the coffee powder is best not to be free after opening When placed at room temperature, it is a good idea to place it in a sealed jar and refrigerate it, and do not place it in the same way as garlic, fish, and other heavy foods. Because the coffee powder is easy to taste, if you accidentally become strange coffee, then good quality coffee is also spoiled. However, it is a good way for people to put cooked coffee powder residue in the refrigerator as deodorant.

When grinding beans, the thickness of the powder depends on the cooking method. In general, the shorter the cooking time, the finer the ground powder; the longer the cooking time, the coarser the ground powder. According to the actual cooking method, the time required for ESPRESSO to make coffee is very short. Therefore, the finest ground flour is used, and the ground coffee powder is as fine as flour. It takes about a minute to prepare the coffee using the “breathing wind” method. The coffee powder is of medium thickness; American drip coffee has a long production time, so the grinding of the coffee powder is the thickest, and the one is like a Beijing grain on a shell beach. It is very important for you to make a good cup of coffee. It is very important to make a good cup of coffee because the extraction of water-soluble substances in coffee powder has its ideal time. If the powder is very fine and it is cooked for a long time, excessive extraction will result in coffee. It can be very fragrant and lose its aroma; on the other hand, if the powder is very thick and it is cooked too quickly, resulting in insufficient extraction, the coffee will be light and odorless, because it will be too late to dissolve the water-soluble substances in the powder.

Grinding coffee grinder has a variety of different brands and types, it is ideal to be able to adjust the thickness of grinding beans grinding machine. When grinding with a bean grinder, do not grind too much at a time. The amount of powder used at one time is good, because the longer the grinder is used, the easier it is to heat, and indirectly causes the coffee beans to be heated during the grinding process. Released early will affect the aroma of the coffee after cooking.

The coffee beans contain oil Lu, so the grinder must be cleaned after grinding, otherwise the oil and grease will build up, and there will be staleness for a long time. Even the advanced beans will be ground into strange powder. After each use of the grinder, it is necessary to wipe the blade table with the wet market and clean the plastic top cover with warm water. However, for the popular flavored coffee in the United States, the added flavor is thick and heavy, and it will remain for a long time. Before cleaning, it is best to put two spoons of white sugar into it and whip it. Of course it is better to use a grinder to grind only the same kind of beans, so there is no problem with mixing.

The grinding method of coffee beans can be classified into rough grinding, medium grinding and fine grinding according to its size. Use appropriate grinding methods depending on the coffee cup.

There are also medium and fine grinding or finer grinding and fine grinding (pulverized coffee powder) than fine grinding. The grinding time of coffee beans is to brewing coffee latents, and only the required amount of ground coffee is extremely top grade. After the coffee beans are pulverized, the surface area of ​​the coffee beans increases, absorbing moisture and easily oxidizing. In short, as time goes by, the coffee powder also has a deteriorating effect and the flavor is damaged.

After the ground coffee beans are placed, the carbon dioxide and aroma that are trapped inside the coffee beans will be lost together. In this way, when the coffee powder is extracted, the coffee powder does not swell, and it cannot foam the coffee anyway. The secret is to consider grinding and homework to be consistent, so the brewed coffee is the most delicious and delicious.

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