YsayS brand women , is Hangzhou Hangzhou Sands Clothing Co., Ltd.'s flagship brand, is a professional well-known second and second brand women's franchise chain brand. YsayS through years of development and accumulation, in August 2012 to re-select the site, moved to Qianjiang Economic Zone, Hangzhou Jianggan Park, at the same time the brand more luxurious fashion design packaging, both from the company to the stores to franchisees, Have a great improvement.


衣衫衣饰女装 结合潮流、激发创意

The perfect blend of art and commerce, YsayS is the source of endless charm. YsayS is one of the earliest fashion brands to break the convention and launch the concept of mashups. From design to craftsmanship, from color to plate, from details to collocation, YsayS is elegantly blended. YsayS draws inspiration from a variety of arts, including films, music, and painting, and combines the latest trends to inspire creativity and demonstrate the elegant and modern temperament that women can feel confident and spontaneous.

All the leather Accessories are made by hand , choosing well-selected real leather .Leather accessories are the style of fashion and fashion ,with high quality, particular influencer demographic, cutting edge,  and vintage styled.Leather accessories have moved steadily upscale. 


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